Raisins Of A Woman's Appearance, From Which Men Lose Their Heads

Raisins Of A Woman's Appearance, From Which Men Lose Their Heads
Raisins Of A Woman's Appearance, From Which Men Lose Their Heads

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The fact that every woman is beautiful in her own way is close and understandable to us. But sometimes you wonder: why exactly these girls are real sex symbols, attract the close attention of the opposite sex and make their harsh hearts beat faster? We conducted a survey of 100 men of different ages, place of residence and marital status: look what zest they singled out in women first of all.



Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel

Did you know that cute depressions on your face are actually a genetic defect? Dimples are the result of deformation of the zygomatic muscle and are inherited exclusively.

Psychologists believe that people with such depressions are cheerful and cheerful, and there is a popular belief that they are "kissed by an angel." There is even a special operation that allows you to create dimples with the help of a surgeon - this trend is only gaining popularity in Russia.

Nikolay, 26 years old: “Dimples on the cheeks are very rare. I have only one girl who possesses such, despite the fact that she is an acquaintance of an acquaintance of mine. The dimples make a woman really special - it is impossible not to notice them."

Low stature

Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen

There are many reasons why most men like short women. Firstly, such girls cause a feeling of affection, subconsciously associate with the child: they want to be protected and protected. Secondly, they are more "versatile": shoes with heels allow you to grow dramatically, which makes the images more diverse. Thirdly, it is convenient to take such girls in your arms, sit on your knees, and raise them high in a fit of feelings.

Igor, 21: “I can't speak for everyone, but the wittiest, funniest and most active girls I met were young. The tall ones are usually slow, sedate, brooding and even a little arrogant, and with the low ones it is much easier for me to find a common language."

Dark eyes

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Here, of course, the taste and color, but the fact remains: 55% of the men surveyed said that women with dark eyes seem sexier to them.

Andrey, 38 years old: “Everything is simple here: girls with bright eyes seem more romantic, unearthly, touching persons. You want to protect them, hug them, warm them up, calm them down. Of course, these are wonderful desires, but if we are talking specifically about sexuality, bright eyes - by. They do not fascinate as much as the dark ones - it is in the brown eyes that real passion, mystery, a kind of challenge is hidden."

Chest and butt

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

As much as we want to make a list of unexpected flavors that no one else has spoken about, the desire to remain honest is stronger. And the truth is that, whatever one may say, there is no escape without eternal companions of hidden male desires - the overwhelming majority replied that in women they are clinging to the chest and buttocks.

Perhaps next time we will try to find out what is the lesser of two evils?

Vyacheslav, 28 years old: “Dimples, curls, moles, etc. - it's all great! Beautiful and amazing. But the trick is that everyone wants to admire this, but not touch. No, of course, the chest and butt are also very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but the opportunity to touch this beauty and have fun touches much more!"


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

But this result seemed to us very unusual: it is traditionally believed that girls without a gram of cosmetics look much more natural than more men are attracted to them. They seem to be more honest, open, benevolent. So why 57% of respondents voted for makeup on a woman's face?

Sergey, 27 years old: “When I see girls without makeup, it seems to me that they do not love themselves. Maybe I'm wrong, but I say how I feel.Of course, there is a difference where you met: if on a wild beach you meet a Muscovite with eyelashes to heaven, bright red lips and painted cheeks - this is also not ice, this is understandable. But still, in an average urban environment, girls with makeup look more neat, fresh and, as a result, attractive and sexy."

See how to make an invisible, perfect make-up for every day in 5 minutes.

Sense of humor

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Well, this is a classic. Much has been said (and proven) about the magical properties of humor: it allows you to quickly draw attention to yourself, to single out “your” partner from the general mass, to defuse a stressful (and even dangerous) situation. There are even schools whose teachers claim that they can teach anyone to joke!

However, we also have a suggestion for you: take note of these stories in order to be known as a real joker.

Victor, 30 years old: “For me, a sense of humor is generally the most important trait in a woman. Almost any difficulty can be overcome if the girl understands your jokes and is ready to laugh at them. I wouldn't trade my wife's sense of humor for any lips and priests combined."

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