Copies Of Irina Shayk And Angelina Jolie: What Oriental Instadives Look Like

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Copies Of Irina Shayk And Angelina Jolie: What Oriental Instadives Look Like
Copies Of Irina Shayk And Angelina Jolie: What Oriental Instadives Look Like

Video: Copies Of Irina Shayk And Angelina Jolie: What Oriental Instadives Look Like

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Video: Beautiful Angelina Jolie 2023, January

Their lives are followed by thousands and thousands of subscribers on Instagram. It is not surprising: girls with enviable constancy demonstrate all sorts of attributes of luxurious life in the most "expensive" locations - sports cars, branded items and accessories, and, of course, themselves, because such an impressive investment in beauty is worth seeing. Well, if it turns out to achieve similarities with a world famous star, success is guaranteed!


Alina Tsarakhova

On the one hand, Alina quite modestly accepts compliments about her resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

On the other hand, every now and then lays out more and more new selfies precisely in those angles in which her facial features most resemble the appearance of a Hollywood actress.

Nose, cut and eye color, lips in the image and likeness of Angie

It looks like, doesn't it?

Miranda Shelia

Another insta diva, which is called a star copy.

Meet Irina Sheik oh, that is, Miranda Shelia, who has gained incredible popularity due to her resemblance to one of the most popular models in the world.

Full lips, a snow-white smile, thick eyebrows and a “cat-like” look - Miranda is great at cosplaying Shayk, especially if a model with Georgian roots does makeup like Irina's.

Maka Khanukaeva

A beautiful life - in every sense of the word - is demonstrated to us by the beautician Maka Khanukayeva, popular on Instagram.

The girl's vocation is to help others transform their appearance.

But Maka does not forget about herself: makeup alone is worth it!

If you are inspired by Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie, you are in the right account.

Eleonora Movsisyan

Eleanor is not just a beautiful girl, but also the founder of a network of nail salons. Not looking one hundred percent is not her option.

In addition to luxurious hair and slender legs, Movsisyan, of course, demonstrates a fashionable nail design.

However, Eleanor's account not only gives inspiration before going to the nail master, but also raises rhetorical questions - for example, about the naturalness of the lips and the whiteness of a beautiful smile.

Elina Avanesova

Elina Avanesova is the whitest heroine of our today's selection.

For anyone who doubts the impeccability of her lifestyle, Avanesova periodically publishes photographs wearing a crown (well, or catchy diamond jewelry).

Highlighters, which Elina loves to use, complements the picture of impeccable shine.

Shine bright like a diamond, in one word!

Suzanna Margaryan

Evening, brightness, chic, stage - with this motto Suzanne Margaryan, known as Sumara, creates fashion collections.

As a rule, these things are graceful, feminine and studded with rhinestones.

The inspirer herself tries to match - and appears before the public in images that resemble either Kim Kardashian (with a certain make-up, the resemblance is simply amazing), or an oriental princess.

Arpine Davydova

If in our selection you didn’t have enough sparkles, rhinestones and - why should you waste time on trifles - diamonds, look through the photos of Arpina Davydova.

In addition to shiny outfits, the founder of a dress rental agency and an online store loves shiny textures in both makeup and body care, not sparing highlighters and shimmers.

True, neither the one nor the other will achieve the shine of the eyes, so you can suspect the girl of excessive retouching of the eyes. Why, if everything is fine anyway?

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