Guru Testing: 5 Novelties For Skin Care

Guru Testing: 5 Novelties For Skin Care
Guru Testing: 5 Novelties For Skin Care

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Cosmetic chemist, technologist and creator of her own brand Sharovapro Anna Sharova - on Kiko delicate micellar water, Uriage multifunctional cream for normal and dry skin and other autumn products.


Gel-foam for washing Absolute Radiance Whitening Face Wash, Swiss Image

To cleanse the skin and pores, even out the complexion and remove excess sebum - for this purpose Swiss Image has developed a whole series of products: from creams to masks and scrubs. Absolute Radiance Whitening Face Wash is one of them. I used it for a week, cleansing my skin every day before applying the toner. Bottom line: Surfactants are soft (be prepared for the fact that they will not wash off makeup the first time), the complexion is evened out by glycolic acid and a complex of brightening extracts. Plus, the gel foam dries out inflammation well. I was confused only by the triethanolamine in the composition (an alkaline component that is not very useful for the skin) - otherwise it would have turned out to be an oil painting! The rest of the product makes me very happy and, I'm sure, will appeal to the owners of oily skin.

Price: 254 rub.

Night moisturizing face mask Anew Clinical, Avon

The Anew Institute has been developing new anti-age formulations for the giant Avon for 27 years and has even registered 30 patents. Only if in 1992 there were 12 scientists behind each tool, now this figure has grown to 200 researchers. One of the latest treatments on offer is this Anew Clinical mask. My verdict: normal and oily skin will have enough moisture, but dry skin will not.

The main active ingredients are butylene glycol, mannitol, hydroxyethyl urea, urea, lecithin, a little sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid. The active range also contains extracts, enzymes and shea butter. Opening the mask, you will see white granules - they contain the most important ingredients. The mask is sticky when applied, but I was ready for it - after all, it has a gel texture. At the same time, it feels comfortable on the skin, is quickly absorbed, in the morning the face looks fresh - you do not need to wash off the product!

Price on request

Micellar water Pure Clean Water, Kiko

Pleasant micellar water! Even if you do not rinse it off with water after use, nothing bad will happen to the skin - there are no surfactants in the composition. But among the components there are emulsifiers, for this reason, the purification process can be partly compared with the use of hydrophilic oil. I liked that the composition contains protective extracts (water lilies and silk derivatives) and safe preservatives - the product not only copes well with its primary task, but also looks after. Another important feature is the convenient dispenser, the bottle does not need to be turned over to apply the liquid to the cotton pad. So it is spent very economically! Use to remove makeup residue after basic cleanser.

Price: 640 rub.

Bio-reinforcing anti-aging cream contour around the eyes Mezolux, Librederm

This Librederm cream was entrusted with an almost impossible task: the product will replace face-fitness classes and show a visual result in 15 minutes. In my opinion, they have embellished it after all. Although the skin around the eyes will not remain unhappy. Shea butter, hydroxyethyl urea, lecithin, red algae concentrate, vitamins, proteins, oils, peptides, sodium hyaluronate, squalene work at the same time to moisturize, nourish and, as a result, eliminate unwanted wrinkles. On the skin, this mix can be described as follows: pleasant, velvety, without oily sheen and swelling in the morning - a very delicate creamy texture of the cream.

Price: 1 418 rub.

Face cream Age Protect Multi-Action Cream, Uriage

There is not a shadow of guile in the word "multifunctional" in the name. The cream really moisturizes, nourishes, protects against external negative factors (including from the blue light of displays - as part of the blue BLB filter) and prepares the skin for applying tone.It seemed to me very nutritious: the foundation spreads easily in the morning and leaves a velvet finish. The composition contains thermal water, vitamins C and E, shea butter and olive oil, hyaluronic acid.

I think the product will work for dry and normal skin. But for oily, I would choose another cream: the composition contains a high content of dimethiconol - it is difficult and fraught with inflammation.

Another important component is retinol (more about it - follow the link). Therefore, do not use it during pregnancy.

Price: 2 250 rub.

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