Released From Prison "Skopinsky Maniac" Arrived In Moscow

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Released From Prison "Skopinsky Maniac" Arrived In Moscow
Released From Prison "Skopinsky Maniac" Arrived In Moscow

Video: Released From Prison "Skopinsky Maniac" Arrived In Moscow

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There is information that Viktor Mokhov, a native of the Ryazan region, came to the Russian capital to take part in the filming of a talk show, which has already violated the conditions of administrative supervision established for six years, for which he faces a fine.

Recall that after his release from the colony, Mokhov was supervised for six years, during which time he is prohibited from attending mass events, walking at night, and also to leave the Skopinsky district without permission. He is obliged to report to the police twice a month.

We will remind, in 2000, Mokhov kidnapped two girls aged 14 and 17, whom he raped for four years, until one day the captives were not able to hand over the note to freedom. All this time, the girls lived in a dark bunker, which the maniac dug in advance on his site under the garage. For disobedience, the attacker deprived the girls of food, water, and sprayed tear gas in the basement. One of the schoolgirls gave birth twice from Mokhov.

On August 30, 2005, the maniac was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Didn't you take the path of correction? What does the Skopinsky maniac intend to do at large?

Photo: from open sources

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