How To Feel Sexy Tonight

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How To Feel Sexy Tonight
How To Feel Sexy Tonight

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A popular misconception that is long overdue to dispel: a girl can only feel sexy when someone else gives her that feeling. There are many options in the world to experience your sexuality, and they have nothing to do with whether you are at home alone or do something with your partner. If you want to regain your confidence, establish contact with your body and rekindle the desire in yourself - try these simple methods that do not require a second person.


Refresh your skin

Take a hot shower and then self-massage with your favorite lotion, focusing on the most sensitive areas of your body. Use a natural brush - it will help improve blood circulation in the body and fill you with energy. In addition, regular skin care will keep your cells youthful, which means it will allow you to stay beautiful and fit longer.

Change your look

Use cosmetics that you usually don't use - shimmery eyeshadow, glossy lipstick or colored mascara. Create the image that you wanted for a long time, but was afraid - because you thought it was not suitable for the occasion. It is not necessary to leave the house and show it to someone: enjoy your reflection in the mirror without listening to anyone's comments.

Read something sexy

There is no shame in reading from time to time novels that provoke sexual thoughts in you that you do not have to carry out. Try reading something risky and obscene in public, such as while driving home from work on the subway. A mild fear of being caught can stimulate your mood and make you tune in to a pleasant evening faster.

Take the best lingerie

Choose the underwear that not only looks beautiful to you, but will not irritate your skin with low-quality lace or thin straps. Even simple and comfortable underwear with a motivating print can already put you in the right mood and regain self-confidence.


There are a million reasons for regular exercise - losing weight, staying in shape, reducing anxiety, but for some reason, another important reason is not often talked about. Good physical activity also allows you to increase your sexuality: for example, the process of sweating releases endorphins, which in turn stimulates your mood.

Listen to inspiring music

Build your own empowerment playlist to remind you of your inner strength. Feel the energy with which Lana Del Rey or Little Mix sings, and feel free to dance to your favorite songs.

Use sex toys

Soloing sex is not difficult if you have no competitors. Learn new masturbation techniques or use special toys to diversify your sensations. Look for erogenous zones that usually don't get enough attention, or try to find a new rhythm that is unusual for you.

Remember, there is no right way to feel sexy. If our methods do not kindle any emotions inside you, continue to search and analyze what usually lifts your mood.

What makes you feel sexy?

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