Beauty Or The Beast? Vote How Stars Look Without Makeup

Beauty Or The Beast? Vote How Stars Look Without Makeup
Beauty Or The Beast? Vote How Stars Look Without Makeup

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Not all Hollywood stars are true beauties. Most often, they are helped to change makeup, plastic or photoshop. Vote how stars look without makeup!


1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone remains a beauty, even when in a hurry she runs out of the house without makeup. The secret lies in her youth and health: the 30-year-old actress monitors nutrition and does not use cosmetics with a complex synthetic composition. To moisturize her porcelain skin, Emma applies grape seed oil, and maintains the luster and shine of her hair with masks of coconut oil and honey.

2. Alicia Silverstone

Although the actress leads a healthy lifestyle (she regularly practices yoga and is a strict vegetarian), for some reason she looks much older than her 42 years without makeup.

3. Christina Hendrix

Christina Hendrix has become a hostage to her image: graphic arrows and bright lipstick make her a sexy 45-year-old matron. The actress without makeup looks at least 5 years younger, but the red hair color contrasts too much with fair skin and makes her face faded.

4. Reese Witherspoon

"Legally blonde" Reese Witherspoon knows exactly the secret of eternal youth, otherwise how does she manage to look 22 at the age of 42? The actress herself believes that a smile and an optimistic outlook on life will make any woman a beauty, regardless of her age. Having become a mother of three children, Reese pays a lot of attention to her figure: she runs in the morning and does yoga. And she replaces all desserts with a jar of baby food, in which there is a minimum of sugar, but there are plenty of vitamins and microelements.

5. Mila Kunis

A tired look, circles under the eyes and deep wrinkles - this is what Mila Kunis looks like in real life, who once topped the ratings of the sexiest and most desirable celebrities. The actress had to sacrifice her beauty for the sake of a high-profile role: she lost 9 kg in order to become a weightless ballerina in the film "Black Swan". But after 30 years, such experiments with a figure are dangerous: the previous weight returned unevenly, and the extra pounds were deposited on the stomach and hips.

6. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard keeps French chic not only on the red carpet, but also in real life. The actress always strives for natural beauty and even at 43 she avoids plastic surgery and injections. How did she manage to maintain good skin and a great figure? The answer is simple: the actress's diet is based on an old French saying: "Eat breakfast like a king, dine like a prince, and dine like a poor man."

7. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank has a non-standard appearance, but this did not stop her from breaking into Hollywood and becoming a two-time Oscar winner. Let the age (Hilary is 44) is already noticeable on her face, but the figure will give odds to any young starlet: the actress regularly visits the gym and does not touch sweets and pastries.

8. Tori Spelling

Star of the series "Beverly Hills" Tory Spelling literally from adolescence was carried away by plastic surgery: at the age of 16 she had rhinoplasty, and at 20 she had a breast enlargement. But she never managed to preserve her youth - the actress looks older than her 45 years. What is to blame: the birth of four children or unsuccessful changes in appearance?

9. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried knows how to transform from a girl from a neighboring yard into a fatal seductress on the red carpet. Like many blondes, the actress lacks contrast in her face, and makeup is able to emphasize her natural beauty: high cheekbones, big eyes and plump lips. And the secret of her luxurious hair is the lack of hot styling. “I don’t even have a hair dryer because I don’t dry my hair! Unless once every six months I can walk through the strands with an iron,”said the star in one of her interviews.

10. Iman

Iman - a supermodel of the nineties - denies the laws of time and age. She managed to maintain such a slim girlish figure that she celebrated her 50th birthday by starring topless for a fashion magazine. Iman does not hide the fact that she uses the services of plastic surgeons and therefore looks much younger than her age, although this year she will turn 64. The lack of makeup betrays signs of age on the face, but on the red carpet, Iman can still outshine young starlets.

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