What Scandals Happened In The Russian Beauty Industry In 2020

What Scandals Happened In The Russian Beauty Industry In 2020
What Scandals Happened In The Russian Beauty Industry In 2020

Video: What Scandals Happened In The Russian Beauty Industry In 2020

Video: Former models expose the ugly truth of the beauty industry | 60 Minutes Australia 2022, November

In the West, everything is stable: Jeffrey Star is in trouble, Tati Westbrook is crying, Kylie Jenner, although not a billionaire, has a lot of money, and celebes produce cosmetics. What do we have?

Someone didn't like Gevorg's face

But in vain. Beauty influencer Gevorg collaborated with the Beauty Bomb brand and starred in an advertising campaign, the images of which were used to decorate the shelves in Magnit Cosmetic supermarkets. Only the face of Gevorg himself was covered in stores. Apparently, the one who makes cosmetics cannot show it on himself, otherwise he will scare people away. L - logic.

Emelyan Braude vs Katya Konasova

First, let's imagine: Emelyan Braude is a former courier of a cosmetics company, who decided that he could be an excellent beautician himself, and also teach other people's professions. No medical education on one side or the other. What it has: thousands of under-cosmetology followers and the same number of clients who are at risk to their health. At least one was killed. Who knows what exactly would-be cosmetologists introduce, and they calmly carry out the procedures even in the car, even at the food court.

Katya Konasova is a whistleblower blogger. What it has: a million subscribers on YouTube, several high-profile scandals behind them and, of course, the investigation about Emelyan Braude, released back in 2019. Superpower - steel balls, crossed out, nerves. If only because she called Emelyan for a live interview.

What's the bottom line? The video has more than a million views, tens of thousands of comments (you must admit, strongly - Dud does not shoot about beauty) that Braude is a manipulator, a psychopath and drew Katya around his finger for the sake of PR and saving his own reputation.

Read our separate interviews with both sides: Katya Konasova, Emelyan Braude. We don’t have to explain which side we are on.

It seems we were sent

On “Black Friday”, clients of the “Lie back” massage studio received a mailing list where the “reference” was illustrated with a set of symbols that are usually used to denote a phallic symbol. In short, a member. A similar action embarrassed some guests and subscribers, which they also reported in the stories and comments under the posts. In response, the owner of the studio's Instagram account password was either joking or gloating.

Themselves "Lie with your back" to the hat was offended: the set of symbols is not a penis, but if a penis, then in support of Dziuba, and in general this is a joke, but we live in a world of double standards, where the conventional Morgenstern is allowed, business is not. Read more about their position here.

Our opinion is simple: dikpiks are only by consensus. But seriously, massage is an intimate procedure in which a naked client is in a more vulnerable position, and violations of professional ethics also occur. Alas.

My marbella

They say, do not do business with loved ones. As proof, we will cite the discord of the former co-owners of the Marble Lab brand and at the same time lovers - Anastasia Mironova and Patrick Zilli.

In May, Mironova published a story that the final is a comedy - I leave the Marble Lab, I don't want to have anything in common with Patrick, a terrible person. After that, she deleted the brand page under the pretext that it was originally her personal profile, on the basis of which her almost name brand grew. The situation is serious: for a brand with the main source of sales on Instagram to be without Instagram is death.

Patrick said that he was ready to leave the project if Anastasia buys his share for 40-50 million rubles at a project cost of 80 million (the numbers changed, as the conflict participant herself spoke about, and, according to her, the project does not cost so much), or she goes out of business, but does not tell anyone about it and signs an advertising contract for three years. And at the time of Anastasia's interview with Nadezhda Strelets in early October, the conflict had not been resolved.

We solicited comments from both sides, but did not receive them at the time of the release.

Orange paradise

More precisely - "orange peel". At the end of June, colleagues at The Blueprint published a text by journalist Irina Urnova “How to deal with cellulite (if you don’t like it)”.

Around him in summer hot, but not because of the temperature, but the intensity of passions in the world (coronavirus, voting in the Constitution, BLM, the case of Yulia Tsvetkova, etc.), in the evening a small, yes, sorry, srach broke out. It all started with a post in the telegram of the journalist and ex-editor of Flacon Magazine “I don’t give a shit on my face” Roxana Kiseleva, in which she drew attention to some factual errors, as well as the appropriateness of using the word “fight” in conjunction with cellulite. Because it is necessary to “fight” not with the peculiarities of the body, but with the system and social problems. Posts scattered on telegram channels, worse - leaked to Facebook, where the audience is not fed with bread - give your opinion in the comments to express.

The answer was published by the author of the text and also our colleague in the workshop Irina Urnova in her channel "Well, skin!". She explained the confusion in terms (cellulite, lipodystrophy, gynoid lipodystrophy), made the appropriate corrections and disclaimer in the original text (and even thanked her opponent). And she defended the word "struggle" in this context - for those who really want to improve the situation, the process may turn out to be resource-intensive and unpleasant. Isn't it a struggle?

It seems that Irina and Roxana want the best for women, though they speak a little different languages, which became food for thought: how is it right?

Almost arguments and facts

For the second year now, prohibited ingredients have been found in the formulations of serums advertised by bloggers. And we're not even talking about hemp. In the past, it was Fem Fatal ', in which the antibiotic tetracycline suddenly appeared. Later it turned out that the brand was produced in an unclear way, and there seem to be more questions than answers. Thank you, again, for investigating Katya Konasova.

In this - as part of two Fact products. (now Art & Fact) discovered the drug Dimexide. It is allowed in cosmetology, but not in cosmetics. The main difference from the previous case is that the ingredient is spelled out on the package, so it was easily noticed by the chemist and author of the ChemCream channel Asya Zubkova. The brand quickly responded with an open letter on the site. You probably thought that they accused the whistleblowers of defamation and started throwing threats? No, they admitted a mistake and explained what the component was. Although they believe that Dimexide is safe in the minimum dose, they withdrawn the funds from the sale and promised to exchange the already purchased serums for new ones without "prohibited".

The author of the ChemCream channel answered the main question: how did it happen? In short, the founders are customers and don't always understand the formulation when it comes to emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives. Production technologists are responsible for this. And for so long no one noticed the error, because on the back, dimexide was presented as dimexidum, and not the usual dimethyl sulfoxide. But it's still a shame.

Real Siberia

At the end of July it became known that Babushka Agafya and other brands of Natura Siberica were arrested in a claim for 4.5 billion rubles from the enterprise En + Recycling LLC. The alleged reason is a fire in the premises of the En + Recycling plant, which is part of Oleg Deripaska's holding.

Following the news on The Bell, an open letter appeared on the Natura Siberica website. In the letter, the company demanded a fair trial, drew attention to the fact that the fire was not their fault, and believes that the situation is aimed at eliminating a large manufacturer of domestic cosmetics.

On December 18, it was reported that Andrei Trubnikov re-registered Grandmother Agafia's Recipes, Natura Siberica and Organic Kitchen to his Estonian company OU Good Design. The businessman told RBC that this way "it will be more difficult for some to prevent us from solving the problem of creating a Russian brand."

Oksana Jenner

More precisely: Oksana Samoilova released Sammy Beauty cosmetics, which are very reminiscent of Kylie Jenner's Kylie Skin brand.Not only externally - before the launch, Oksana showed a site with advertising images of the brand, which she was inspired by. Perhaps by accident. Okay.

Further, Katya Konasova suggested that Sammy Beauty is the same as the Mixit brand. On the one hand, the same names appear in the documents of the brands, the production is the same, on the other hand, the compositions of the funds are almost identical. The difference was in the price. For almost similar products, Mixit asks for 1250 rubles, and Sammy Beauty - 2100 rubles. The possible difference in price was explained by Natalya Shik, the founder of the Shik brand: Sammy Beauty packaging is made of expensive materials, in some cases even more abruptly than that of a suite.

In any case, although Oksana Samoilova made a splash, but many beauticians are skeptical about Sammy Beauty. And you?


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