5 Plastic Surgeries That Stars Have Made A Cult

5 Plastic Surgeries That Stars Have Made A Cult
5 Plastic Surgeries That Stars Have Made A Cult

Video: 5 Plastic Surgeries That Stars Have Made A Cult

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The popularity of plastic surgery is directly related to the star Olympus. And if in the last century women could afford a hairstyle like Brigitte Bardot, a dress like Sophia Loren, a mole like Marilyn Monroe, then with the onset of the 90s, more and more girls began to resort to plastic in order to achieve their ideal.


Together with the plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin, we remembered which stars were the first patients of plastic surgeons and set the trend for cardinal beauty transformations.

In the beginning was Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe became one of the first Hollywood actresses to seek help from plastic surgeons. But before her, of course, there were actresses who dared to make drastic changes in their appearance for the sake of a career.

Rita Hayworth

For example, 40s star Rita Hayworth has resorted to destroying hair follicles with electricity (electrolysis) all her life to make her forehead look taller and meet Hollywood beauty standards. In addition, she constantly bleached her skin and dyed her hair red. The implants are placed under the gluteus muscle, and from time to time the shape is masked with autologous fat (lipofilling) obtained by liposuction. In such a simple way, you can kill two birds with one stone: maintain the slimness of the figure and at the same time make the forms more appetizing.

Contour correction with fillers

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo introduced fashion not only to voluminous buttocks. She was one of the first stars to use fillers to correct facial contours and early age changes. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez, such a fashionable aesthetic procedure as female face beautification appeared. Another American celebrity, Angelina Jolie, also played a role in this story.

Angelina Jolie

Nature has awarded the actress with such a beautiful lip shape that after her dizzying debut in cinema, many representatives of the fair sex thought about correcting this part of the face. For another trend - expressive cheekbones, which can be obtained by removing Bish's lumps with subsequent augmentation with fillers - you can also say thank you to Angelina Jolie.

Subsequently, many aspiring actresses and singers were equal to her, including the star of "Transformers" Megan Fox, who never hid that she began her career as an actress by transforming herself - she wanted to look like Angelina Jolie.

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