About Ugly Women, Or "I Won't Drink So Much"

About Ugly Women, Or "I Won't Drink So Much"
About Ugly Women, Or "I Won't Drink So Much"

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Pikabu user vad. nes shared his rather controversial opinion about how much women's appearance has changed over the past 150 years. Why now there are many more beautiful representatives and who were previously considered the first beauties. Further - the words of the author.


I wanted to talk about things that were apolitical and pleasant. About female beauty, for example. According to my grandmother, now a lot of beautiful people have appeared. Indeed, by virtue of my profession, I have to work quite a lot with photographs of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Do you know what is most surprising? The number of ugly people.

Isadora Duncan

This is especially noticeable in women. No, there is no doubt, men are also not entirely Alain Delonny, there are many more ugly than now (smallpox alone, oh, how much she tried for this), but in general the situation is bearable. With women - catastrophic! Like that old joke:

"I won't drink that much!"

In group photographs of women - one or two "conditionally pretty" by today's standards, by the then - fatal beauties. And these are not peasant women with their heavy share, the faces of people working in the field and early aging, no!

A group of graduates from the Smolny Institute with teachers.

In the photographs, even girls from high society, some graduates of the Smolny Institute - exactly the same. And this is the high society, a crowd of mothers and nannies jumped around each of them from birth, the dress on each cost the annual income of a peasant village.

Vera Cold

For a long time I could not understand - what's the matter? Well, this cannot be, nature cannot be fooled, about the same number of beautiful women are born at all times, Where did they go from the moment photography was invented and until about the 30s of the XX century?

If you come across an old photograph, which depicts a beautiful woman, it is either a photograph of a painted portrait (artists are still flatterers!), Or a photograph of the 30s of the 20th century. It was then that the beauties went in a joint, it was a pleasure to see. Stop! And here it dawned on me. The answer is just two words - the beauty industry.

Despite the fact that women's cosmetics and other means of deceiving men appeared in ancient Egypt, almost no one used them. The beauty industry appeared only after the First World War, and by the age of 30, the results of the massive application of the first developments became visible.

The thing is that throughout human history a woman did not have to be beautiful. That is, it was not at all forbidden, but it was not particularly welcomed. By and large - why beauty is a woman who all her life is in only two statuses "snotty little girl" and "respectable mother of the family"?

Mata Hari

Neither beauty was required, and the gap between them was negligible in time. What? Why wasn't it required?

What for? A woman needs beauty only for one thing - to attract a man. Excite him, and wake him up, sorry, he has sinful thoughts in relation to himself. A woman needs this skill for a very short period of time - when the girl has already grown up, and she does not yet have a husband.

It is not for nothing that a woman at all times has been compared to a flower that unfolds a magnificent bud for a short moment, and then flies around forever.

Matilda Kshesinskaya

Because if you have a husband, you no longer need to attract and lure him, and other men. And other men needed to be attracted, excuse me, only to a very specific kind of women. It is they who - harlots, curvas and prostitutes - basically pulled the entire beauty industry on their fragile shoulders throughout human history.

But, of course, their pitiful amateurism could not bring any serious result.Look at the portraits of the classic of Russian photography Maxim Dmitriev. These are Nizhny Novgorod prostitutes, and not anyhow, but elite, from the salon of the highest class, for whose services the merchants paid huge money for those times.

Elite prostitutes Valerie, Velden, Gustova, Boykova.

How do you like the priestesses of love of those times?

Elite prostitutes Boykova, Tosier, Venerskaya, Ruzhevich.

Who said “Can you see everyone” ?! I emphasize once again - these are elite priestesses of love.

Ordinary "ticket" prostitutes looked something like the photographs from the police archives of Nizhny Novgorod. Therefore, keep in mind - until the second decade of the 20th century, the ability to make a woman beautiful simply did not exist. And only the emerging beauty industry changed the situation radically.

Sonka the Goldhand.

It was the most natural revolution, women began to differ from their mothers and grandmothers in about the same way as model factory shoes differ from old-fashioned bast shoes.

To confirm this thesis, this text is illustrated with photographs of the first beauties of those times. Fatal women, whose beauty is undeniable, who drove the most powerful of this world crazy, and the best poets of those times wrote poems about them that are taught in school today.

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