Outdated Operations That Russians Still Love

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Outdated Operations That Russians Still Love
Outdated Operations That Russians Still Love

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While in the West the trend towards natural beauty is gaining momentum, Russian women still visit cosmetologists and plastic surgeons with enviable frequency to make themselves more attractive. But there is one problem - many of the operations that girls go to in pursuit of beauty are outdated a long time ago and are considered bad form.

Bust of Pamela Anderson

At the beginning of the 2000s, lush, perfectly round breasts were at the peak of popularity, but only because women did not have much of an alternative. Now, if the thought of enlarging the bust still haunts you, it is better to give preference to anatomical implants, which, at least, look more neat and natural.

Huge lips

On the streets of big cities, you can often find girls whose lips cover half of their faces. It looks unnatural and repulsive. With all this, some women, deciding to enlarge their lips, do it with the help of biopolymer gels, which are generally dangerous to health, many stars used to be fond of them. In the west, biopolymer gel has been considered bad manners for ten years, but in Russia for some reason it still does not lose its relevance.

Wasp waist

As you know, the standards of beauty are often dictated by celebrities. So everyone began to worship a thin waist after Kim Kardashian, known for her incredible figure: lush breasts, large hips and at the same time a wasp waist, became the main global influencer. But even despite the fact that Kardashian is in the United States, even there this madness is gradually fading away, but in Russia it is only gaining momentum. Girls who do not want to risk their health try to simply pump up their buttocks through sports. But those who have nothing to lose go to an operation where their ribs are broken.

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