Dumped The Belly: The Stars That Suck In The Belly In The Photo

Dumped The Belly: The Stars That Suck In The Belly In The Photo
Dumped The Belly: The Stars That Suck In The Belly In The Photo

Video: Dumped The Belly: The Stars That Suck In The Belly In The Photo

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Who doesn't want to look perfect in a photo? Especially now, in the era of the development of Instagram. Stand on a half-side, put your leg slightly forward, inhale to the depths of your soul - here's the chiseled figure in the picture. Everyone uses the tricks of posing, including celebrities.


One problem: in life you will not always walk with your belly pulled in, and sooner or later the secret of an ideal figure will be revealed. This is exactly what happened with the heroines of our selection: we show who was caught on the exhale.

Kim Kardashian

Your eyes do not deceive you: the owner of the world's most famous buttocks is also not averse to pulling in her stomach for a beautiful shot. This is especially striking if you look at the pictures on her Instagram. The girl posts only such photos that show her from the advantageous side: not a gram of excess fat.

In real life, Kim is an ordinary woman with an ordinary (and quite normal!) Tummy. You can notice it in almost all pictures taken by someone not from the famous family. It was thanks to them that we learned that the Kardashians are people too.

Britney Spears

So many metamorphoses took place with the body of this singer that we are no longer surprised at anything. Britney is now losing weight, then gaining weight, then pumping the press … She can not keep up! However, there is something that accompanies Spears at any weight. And this is her tummy.

Even when Britney is in good shape, he still strives to fall out. The singer knows about this, so she diligently pulls in her stomach for a photo. And when no one sees, he exhales - and the prankster is again in sight. So she was caught on the beach. It happens!

Britney also made it to our other compilation: Burnt by Life: 5 Celebrities Who Look Older Than Their Age.

Olga Buzova

Did you think that Olya has a flat stomach? But no! This is proved by the photos taken at a time when the singing presenter did not know that the lens was aimed at her. On Instagram, of course, you can't see this, Buzova has complete order there, even though the dough is rolling - everything is flat and elastic.

Olya, as a sophisticated celebrity, knows the right angles for herself. So she breathed in and strained her abs, her stomach sank, a line of ribs was outlined - the perfect figure is ready! The paparazzi did not stand on ceremony and removed Buzova at the most inopportune moment. For which I thank them: live photos are another proof that there is no need to complex, we are all human.

And here you can see how the models of the last century look now: Wrinkles, bellies, fatigue: how famous models from the 90s have changed in 30 years.

Selena Gomez

The American singer also tries to choose the right angles and belly for the photo. Selena can be understood: for a long time she was criticized on the Internet for being overweight. Once the girl could not stand it and replied to the haters that the kilograms appear from drugs, and not because of laziness (Selena has lupus and kidney problems).

Since then, the haters have calmed down a bit, and the singer has slowly begun to get in shape. The belly is Selena's problem area, so when losing weight, he loses weight last. Gomez found a solution: drag him in for an Instagram photo. And ill-wishers are silent, and the most calm. Why not, right?

But she easily publishes a photo without makeup: Beauty or the Beast: what stars look like without makeup and Photoshop.

Anastasia Kvitko

This girl is called "Russian Kim Kardashian", and it's clear why. Anastasia has impressive hips and breasts, which stand out especially against the background of a thin waist (Kvitko claims that everything is her own). In almost all the pictures, the girl's belly is perfectly flat, but there are a couple of photos among them that betray Nastya.

I "handed over" a little secret to a capricious material - an atlas.Nastya posted a photo in a pink dress, thinking that no one would notice the tummy behind the folds of the fabric, but no matter how it is! Now we know that Kvitko's waist is quite human.

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