6 Dark-skinned Stars That Whiten Skin

6 Dark-skinned Stars That Whiten Skin
6 Dark-skinned Stars That Whiten Skin

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The star claims that she did not lighten her skin, although photographs of past years and today suggest otherwise. According to her, what we see is just processing in a photo editor. On the one hand, this is a perfectly reasonable explanation. In the photo, it is true, the skin is either dark or too light. However, the slow transformation of her skin can still be seen in the beach photos, which Beyoncé sometimes posts on her social networks.

Eva Green

Eve got her acting talent and freckles from her mother. The latter became the reason for her complexes and visits to cosmetologists for whitening. From what we see today, we can conclude that everything worked out: now you cannot find a single freckle on her face.

Nicki Minaj

Over the past five years, Minaj has undergone many metamorphoses, affecting skin tone. In an interview, she says that the pallor is just the result of the imposed filters on the photo. However, the environment close to the singer speaks about the brightening procedures.

Emma Stone

As a teenager, the girl dreamed of getting rid of freckles, to which she had a predisposition since childhood. The girl does not go anywhere without a cream with SPF-50 and a hat with wide brim. However, the spots did not want to retreat, and then the star decided on cosmetic procedures. As a result, she managed to get rid of freckles.

Lil Kim

Comparing Lil's photo, it's hard to believe that this is the same girl. Few people are already surprised by Kim's transformations; she does not hide her love for plastic surgery. She never denied that she went under the scalpel. However, the celebrity does not say anything about whitening, explaining the too light skin tone with an incorrectly selected foundation. But the paparazzi managed to take a couple of curious pictures, catching the girl by surprise. Her legs and arms are already very pale in these frames. Whitening procedures are evidenced by the fact that a couple of years ago the skin color in these places was completely different for the star.

Poppy Delevingne

Sister Cara Delevingne claimed that she would never say goodbye to her beloved freckles. But it looks like the girl was lying. Today, Poppy's already fair skin has become even lighter, and there is no trace of freckles left.

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