8 Actresses Who Have Never Had Facial Plastic Surgery

8 Actresses Who Have Never Had Facial Plastic Surgery
8 Actresses Who Have Never Had Facial Plastic Surgery

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1. Sophia Loren (85 years old)


Lauren is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful women in the history of cinema. Nevertheless, even she was inclined towards plastic. The fact is that one of the Hollywood studios considered the Italian woman's nose and lips too large and suggested that she fix them. Lauren flatly refused, arguing that a woman should always be real. 2.Drew Barrymore (44 years old)

In an interview, the actress said that it is impossible to defeat aging, and she prefers to live with all the changes that come with age. In addition, Barrymore really likes to see other women who have also given up plastic surgery and Botox. 3. Sarah Jessica Parker (54)

Because of her non-standard appearance, Parker has been attacked and ridiculed by others since childhood. It used to hurt and worry her, she said. However, now she is focused on her own family and career, and her appearance has faded into the background. In addition, the actress is confident that in order to achieve success, it is not necessary to have perfect facial features. 4. Jessica Lange (70 years old)

The career of the star of the movie "King Kong" has been in decline for a long time. Yet in the 2000s, Lange returned to the screens, proving that wrinkles are not an obstacle for large roles. 5. Jennifer Connelly (49 years old)

For Connelly, the most important thing in life is not looks, but happiness and well-being. She thinks it is foolish to do plastic surgery just in order to meet the standards of beauty imposed by society. 6. Jennifer Garner (47 years old)

In an interview, Garner said that she had never resorted to plastic surgery and Botox and was not going to do so in the future. 7. Isabella Rossellini (67 years old)

The actress is sure that plastic surgery is one of the ways to tell women that they are ugly and must meet social standards. Rossellini says that she is absolutely not interested in the eternal pursuit of the ideal and perfection, despite age changes. 8.Kim Cattrall (63)

The actress stated that she prefers to look like a healthy woman of her age. She has nothing against plastic surgery, but she herself would never have decided on it, because she is afraid that something will go wrong during the operation.

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