Plastic Surgery: How To Become Like A Hollywood Star Without Losing Your Face

Plastic Surgery: How To Become Like A Hollywood Star Without Losing Your Face
Plastic Surgery: How To Become Like A Hollywood Star Without Losing Your Face

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It seems that the media has not agreed to split into two camps. On Internet resources, on the examples of celebrities, plastic surgery is actively discussed and promoted. Gloss encourages its adherents to be proud of true beauty and resort to a scalpel only in extreme cases. But in fact, nothing has changed. Every day women come to me and show screenshots of photos of celebrities on their phones. From me they want to get a specific "star" nose or lips. I have written many articles on the nature of such requests, so I will not repeat myself. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with the patient visualizing her expectation of blepharoplasty or correction of the lower third of the face. But after receiving the desired cut of the eyes "from Megan Fox", she will not look like her. We will not discuss cases when in order to achieve an exact resemblance to a star, a number of operations are performed. Fortunately, this is very rare these days. And I never take such patients, and I recommend especially persistent ones to take a course with a psychotherapist. But back to the stars.


Emily Ratajkowski

Today, one of the most common queries is the face of model Emily Ratajkowski. And this is a radical change in trend. After all, 10 years ago, everyone wanted to be like Angelina Jolie. Beauty standards have certainly changed. I would say 180 degrees.

Unlike high cheekbones, sunken cheeks, and Angelina's pronounced chin, Emily has a so-called "baby face": round cheeks, a small chin, voluminous upper eyelids, which make her eyes large, plump but small lips. Beauty? Certainly! At the same time, her nose retains its natural imperfection, which emphasizes individuality. However, it is precisely on this occasion that well-wishers do not regret the epithets: "What a terrible nose?" Or "Is it really impossible to go to a plastic surgeon: so pretty, but the nose spoils everything!" Here are, perhaps, the most correct statements about her. I, on the other hand, give a standing ovation to her aesthetic therapist and the beauty herself. After all, most likely this thought occurred to Emily, but she rejected it. And she did the right thing: such an ideal beauty simply needs a tiny flaw. It is he who makes the model alive and real. Her lips often fall under the "distribution": comparisons with photographs taken in her youth are used. Here, of course, there was a high-quality work of a cosmetologist, but without brute force. I can only see a slight correction in order to get her native, natural volume. And yes, the plastic is not visible at all.

Gal Gadot

The model and actress became popular after starring in the movie Wonder Woman. And this is the new Angelina Jolie. A very textured face, high cheekbones, a pronounced chin, a beautiful oval, bright angles of the lower jaw - all this makes the face truly model. But at the same time, the "zest" is added by an imperfect large nose. Gal is incredibly charismatic and clearly stands out from the huge number of actresses with perfect, but completely unforgettable faces.

And I, a plastic surgeon who seems to be promoting my craft, would be the first to dissuade her from fixing her nose. I vote with both hands for imperfection and individuality. Look at the stars of Balzac's age, whose career peaked in the 90s.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson

Both actresses are unconditional beauties and each has its own core.

Gwyneth corrected her nose in her youth (she narrowed the bridge of her nose a little). She also actively used Botox, until, apparently, this began to prevent her from getting new roles.When this happened, she joined the slender ranks of opponents of botulinum toxin and even posed for gloss without retouching. Wrinkles do not spoil her, but now she looks much better, younger. What's the secret? In her interviews, she claims that it is about a healthy lifestyle. Most likely it is, but the severity of wrinkles, in my opinion, is still mitigated by injections of hyaluronic acid. Now it is actively used to correct mimic wrinkles. A sort of healthy lifestyle botox.

Scarlett reshaped her nose and won (unlike Emily, who would have turned into a doll). This little detail made her face look sophisticated and more distinctive. The press is also actively discussing her breast reduction surgery. And again, applause: 2 sizes smaller breasts made the figure lighter, younger and more sophisticated.

Renee Zellweger

Since we are talking about stars and their plastic surgeries, it is impossible not to recall her and the scandal that broke out about five years ago. Rene underwent blepharoplasty and "opened" her eyes so that she became completely unrecognizable. Imagine a woman who, for many years (at least 20), goes to the mirror every morning and sees a narrow section of her eyes and swollen eyelids. This is not edema, this is her physiology. Fighting with other methods - patches and lingonberry tea - is useless. She lives with it, acts in films and becomes a star. And then one day she makes a decision - I want a different face. The eyes I've always dreamed of. And he does this, most likely, against the will of his producers and agents, who feared that such changes could lead to the loss of future roles. I am sure that, despite the hype and screams about the unprofessionalism of the surgeon, who "cut off the excess", this is the result that Renee dreamed about. And I'm glad for her, for the fact that she doesn't give a damn about our - public - opinion. This, it seems to me, is the meaning of plastic surgery.

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