I Will Be In A Suit Of A Judge!: The Blogger Is Awaiting Trial For A Mask On His Chin

I Will Be In A Suit Of A Judge!: The Blogger Is Awaiting Trial For A Mask On His Chin
I Will Be In A Suit Of A Judge!: The Blogger Is Awaiting Trial For A Mask On His Chin

Video: I Will Be In A Suit Of A Judge!: The Blogger Is Awaiting Trial For A Mask On His Chin

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A teapot became the reason for Ivan Frolov's visit to the Oktyabrsky Magistrate Court. His blogger ordered M-Video on the website and in November came to the point of issue of the store to pick up the goods. The mask on Ivan's face was lowered, and this became the subject of controversy.

- I paid for the goods by bank transfer, but they did not give it to me. Paul was the opinion of the head of the company "M-Video", I was wearing a mask incorrectly. I told them: "You can go out and put it down, I will take it." But the people turned out to be principled, - Ivan Frolov told the "Precedent". - As a result, they wrote in response that I did not have a mask at all, although it was on my face, but it was slightly lowered.

As a result, Ivan Frolov went home without a kettle. The company "M-Video" a month later terminated the contract with the blogger and returned the money for the goods. Ivan re-read all the laws, but still did not find the answer: how the mask should be worn correctly. After that, the man went to court with a claim to the store about the illegal actions of the M-video company.

Yesterday, February 20, the October Magistrates' Court should consider the materials of this case. Ivan Frolov came in a mask, but it was worn in the same way as when receiving the goods in November. While the blogger was waiting for the hearing in the corridor, the bailiff approached the young man.

- Moreover, the distance between us was less than one and a half meters. I warned him that if you abide by the law, the rule of law - step back one and a half meters, - Ivan recalls. - He ignored the demand. Started demanding that I put on the mask correctly. At the same time, no one explained to me how to put it on correctly. Since I refused to comply with his demand, he called the Russian Guard.

Meanwhile, the court session began. On it, they again began to consider the issue of the correct wearing of the mask - this time on Saturday, February 20. But Ivan demanded to show him the law, which spelled out how to wear a mask correctly. Themis servants had no arguments and the blogger was taken out of the courtroom. As a result, the meeting was postponed, and a new protocol was drawn up against Ivan for failure to comply with the order of the judge - under Article 17.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

At the exit from the hall, the blogger was greeted by officers of the Russian Guard. Ivan Frolov argued with them about the correct wearing of the mask. The soldiers decided to call and consult with the chief on this issue. At the other end of the pipe, law enforcement officers were told that there was no corpus delicti in the actions of the young man. After that, the patrolmen apologized and left.

But Ivan's dispute with the bailiff continued. A legally savvy young man even forced the latter to draw up a protocol against him. While the law enforcement officer from the temple of Themis was in thought, the blogger managed to film how the court officers walk through the corridors without any personal protective equipment.

- He violated my rights by restricting my movement. I strongly recommended to him: either let me go, or draw up a protocol, - says Ivan. - He just didn't know what to do, but he drew up a protocol with a bunch of errors. I will challenge it in another world court. I plan to go there in a judge's suit. I have a judge's robe.

And although the blogger faces a thousandth fine, Ivan Frolov intends to prove to everyone that there is simply no law on how to wear a medical mask correctly. The young man says that he cannot put it on his nose for health reasons. "Precedent" will follow the development of this story.

Meanwhile, the police continue to conduct regular mass raids to catch maskless people. The last one took place this Friday, February 19th. Then more than 20 people were brought to administrative responsibility.

Elena Otmakhova

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