How Ivleeva, Todorenko And Other Hosts Of Eagle And Tails Have Changed

How Ivleeva, Todorenko And Other Hosts Of Eagle And Tails Have Changed
How Ivleeva, Todorenko And Other Hosts Of Eagle And Tails Have Changed

Video: How Ivleeva, Todorenko And Other Hosts Of Eagle And Tails Have Changed

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The Heads and Tails program made these girls real stars, who now have a huge number of subscribers and loyal fans. Let's remember how they looked and how their career developed before the show.


Zhanna Badoeva

Jeanne can be called one of the creators of the program. She also became the first host of "Heads and Tails". By that time, she already had several shows and participation in the Ukrainian Comedy Club.

Badoeva says that she was repeatedly offered to use the services of plastic surgeons. But the presenter always remained true to naturalness. Now she chooses more fashionable hair colors, preferring ombre with a transition from dark roots to blonde hair. And in everyday life, Zhanna tries not to wear makeup and chooses nude makeup.

Maria Ivakova

Now Maria is a regular on the red carpet. But back in 2011, she could not even dream of this. Having started her career in the show "Heads and Tails: Shopping", Masha still remains faithful to the TV channel "Friday".

Ivakova became blonde even before she gained popularity. Since then, she has not changed this color. Fans are sure that Maria has never had plastic surgery. But on the other hand, she perfectly learned how to do makeup and now sets beauty trends.

Lesya Nikityuk

Lesya Nikityuk rushed into the program to replace Badoeva. Before that, the girl was famous for the show "Make a Comedian Laugh". Even then, Lesya followed fashion trends: she dyed her hair blond and plucked her eyebrows. But over time, she changed the yellow blond to platinum. Beauty injections were not without. Nikityuk corrected her appearance, added volume to her lips, but still the star looks natural.

Regina Todorenko

Regina began her television career with the role of a presenter. Then she took part in the Ukrainian "Star Factory", after which she became the soloist of the group "Real O". Todorenko joined Eagle and Reshka in 2014.

The star clearly allowed the surgeons to work with her nose - it became thinner and more graceful, but the lips - more plump. Regina prefers to remain natural, so her hair color has not changed dramatically, but only acquired a fashionable shade.

Nastya Ivleeva

Nastyushka, the "danger", gained her incredible popularity thanks to "Heads and Tails". Before joining the TV program, the girl worked in the service sector and at the same time filmed vines.

Fans are used to the fact that Nastya often experiments with images. Few people know that the presenter used to be a sultry brunette. She came to "Tails" as a blonde, but recently changed this color to hot pink. Nastya admits that she does not use the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, and changing hair color is the only thing she does with her appearance.

Alina Astrovskaya

Before becoming the host of Eagle and Tails, Alina managed to build a musical career. She participated in the "Star Factory" show "Success" and was the lead singer of the group "Real O".

It is not known what made Alina change the direction of her activity, but this clearly did her good. The girl decided to follow fashion trends: she got rid of long hair in favor of a short haircut and even, it seems, removed Bisha's lumps in order to achieve expressive cheekbones.

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