Swinton, Stewart, Close And Other Androgynous Stars

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Swinton, Stewart, Close And Other Androgynous Stars
Swinton, Stewart, Close And Other Androgynous Stars

Video: Swinton, Stewart, Close And Other Androgynous Stars

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Video: Androgynous 2023, January

Tilda Swinton on the Getty red carpet

Tilda Swinton loves trouser suits Globallookpress / Hubert Boesl

Tilda Swinton Getty

Tilda Swinton in the movie Globallookpress / face to face

Tilda Swinton often plays in the movies of men Eastnews

Tilda Swinton on the cover of Instagram Vogue

Kristen Stewart Eastnews

Kristen Stewart at the Eastnews movie

Kristen Stewart began to play in the movies of brutal girls Globallookpress / Chiabella James

Natalie Krill and Erica Linder Eastnews

Erica Linder Instagram Erica Linder

Erica Linder on the cover of Instagram magazine richiephoenix

Glenn Close Globallookpress / face to face

Glenn Close in the male look Globallookpress / PLANET PHOTOS

Glenn Close at the DPA movie

Agness Dein on the red carpet Globallookpress / Sonia Moskowitz

Agness Dein DPA

Agness Dein at the Eastnews movie

Grace Jones Getty

Grace Jones in a spectacular DPA look

Grace Jones does not consider herself a beautiful DPA

Annie Lennox Eastnews

Annie Lennox often wears Globallookpress / Dave Bedrosian pantsuits

Annie Lennox wants people to rate her work, not DPA's looks

La Roux on the DPA red carpet

La Roux on stage DPA

La Roux Instagram La Roux

Chloe Sevigny on the Eastnews red carpet

Chloe Sevigny Eastnews

Chloe Sevigny at the Eastnews movie

LP Eastnews

LP on the stage of Globallookpress / Alessandro Bosio

LP on the cover of Instagram LP

Caster Semenya on the Getty red carpet

Caster Semenya on the Globallookpress / Panoramic treadmill

Caster Semen Instagram Caster Semen

Patti Smith Globallookpress / face to face

Patti Smith is calm about her appearance Globallookpress / Globe Photos

Patti Smith on stage Globallookpress / Ollie Millington _ Rmv

Samantha Ronson Globallookpress / PMA_AdMedia

Samantha Ronson dated actress Lindsay Lohan DPA

Samantha Ronson at the Globallookpress DJ / Sharon Neetles

Androgynes are people who are endowed with the external characteristics of both sexes. We have selected famous girls who are happy to look like men. And they do it effectively!

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton Globallookpress / Nancy Kaszerman

Tilda Swinton, who turned sixty on November 5, still looks like a person without age and … gender. “I’m being called 'sir' every now and then, in the elevators or on the street. Probably because I am long and do not overuse lipstick. Once I was going through customs at the airport and was being examined by a male customs officer. I love cosmetics, but if you want to be like yourself, this is not the best way. Makeup makes you look like someone else,”- said the actress in an interview.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Globallookpress / Clemens Niehaus_Geisler-Fotopres

Kristen Stewart was so tired of the image of a romantic cute girl from the "Twilight" saga in love with the main character that after filming she went all out. The actress cut off her hair, began to dress more daring and unusual and … started dating girls. While some praise her and others criticize, she herself enjoys life.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close DPA

Glenn Close is equally gorgeous in the roles of men and women, she easily dresses up in dresses and dyes and poses for photographers in men's suits without makeup. The perfect actress!

LP (Laura Pergolizzi)

LP Globallookpress / Alec Michael

Laura Pergolizzi, performing under the pseudonym LP, became famous after the release of the song and video Lost on You. Then everyone wondered who was performing it: a guy or a girl. Sharp facial features, boyish skinny physique, short curly hair and menswear make LP a flamboyant representative of androgynous celebrities. “I have a lot of stories when I was mistaken for a guy,” she said in an interview.

La Roux (Ellie Jackson)

La Roux DPA

Ellie Jackson, acting under the pseudonym La Roux, loves to exploit her androgynous image, maneuvering between fans of both sexes. The hairstyles and clothes help the singer confuse everyone.

Agness Dayne

Agness Dein Globallookpress / Ik Aldama

One of the most successful and flamboyant models, Agness Dein became successful thanks to her androgynous image and daring style.Agnes loves heavy boots, ripped jeans, fancy dresses and short haircuts.

Erica Linder

Erica Linder Eastnews

The Scandinavian model Erica Linder is often compared to the young Leonardo DiCaprio. She herself boldly declares that, due to her too rich imagination, she cannot limit herself to belonging to the same sex. Erica easily demonstrates men's clothing and starred in provocative roles.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny Eastnews

Chloe Sevigny does not hesitate to undress in front of the camera and show herself in all her glory. From a young age, the girl tried herself as a model and actress, experimenting with her style, emphasizing her androgynous appearance.

Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson Eastnews

Samantha Ronson became known to the general public after an affair with actress Lindsay Lohan. The girl works as a DJ and loves to dress and look like she was born a man.

Caster Semenya

Semen Caster Globallookpress / VEGARD WIVESTAD

Two-time Olympic champion Caster Semenya looks like a man to many. At the same time, the athlete herself does not try to look more feminine, going out in trouser suits.

Patti Smith

Patti Smith Eastnews

Patti Smith released the album Horses, on the cover of which she looked like a boy. The singer dated gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. In 1970s New York, Smith performed in independent theater with transgender actress Jane Country, combining poetry and punk.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox Eastnews

Eurythmics lead singer Annie Lennox said that she does not want to exploit her femininity so that fans will love her for her good looks. She wanted people to care not about sexuality, but about music.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones Eastnews

Model and singer Grace Jones was born in Jamaica and became famous all over the world. Spectacular and stately, Grace considered herself far from beauty standards and loved to experiment with style and flirt with the external manifestations of gender.

Photo: instagram, eastnews, globallookpress, getty, dpa

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