Dana Borisova Made A Circular Facelift

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Dana Borisova Made A Circular Facelift
Dana Borisova Made A Circular Facelift

Video: Dana Borisova Made A Circular Facelift

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Video: Дана Борисова обвинила Елену Хангу в практике черной магии. На самом деле. Выпуск от 25.02.2020 2023, January

Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova, who became widely known thanks to her participation in the program "Army Shop", resorted to the help of a beautician. The artist made a circular facelift.


The day before, 43-year-old Dana Borisova published a video on her official Instagram account in the story, in which she captured herself during a cosmetic procedure. In the footage, the woman informs her subscribers that she decided on a circular facelift using the thread lifting technique.

The video shows how a specialist inserted a long, thin needle under the skin of Borisova's face, and then began to drive back and forth. At this time, the celebrity appears calm and even joyful. However, at a certain moment, the woman shuddered and shouted a little.

- Oh, it hurts a little! - complained the artist.

According to the media, this is not the first such procedure that a celebrity has decided on. According to the press, earlier she enlarged her lips with hyaluronic acid, and also removed the skin overhanging her eyelids using a laser procedure. Not many fans were able to appreciate such interventions in the appearance of the star. Some said that the artist was already very beautiful and did not need the help of a plastic surgeon.

- Danochka, you are already beautiful, why? Do not kill your individuality, because with plastic, beauty goes away. For example, Nicole Kidman has a rubber face. It is not necessary for addiction to plastics to replace other addictions. You're beautiful! Or no one tells you this? - said one of Borisova's followers.

Earlier, the editorial staff of VSE42.Ru reported that Dana Borisova became the first participant in Alexey Panin's beauty show.

On the eve of the new year, many women are trying to do everything possible to look no worse than a pop star on a festive night. Some of them resort to the help of a plastic surgeon to achieve their goal, while others just need to put on a fashionable and stylish outfit. You can find out what clothing trends will be relevant on New Year's Eve in our article.

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