Social Networks Lie: Beauties Showed How They Really Look

Social Networks Lie: Beauties Showed How They Really Look
Social Networks Lie: Beauties Showed How They Really Look

Video: Social Networks Lie: Beauties Showed How They Really Look

Video: Social Networks Lie: Beauties Showed How They Really Look
Video: Daily Reminder Social Media Is Fake (Social Media Vs Reality) - Tiktok Compilation (Part 2) 2023, December

We suspected (or, more correctly, we wanted to believe) that most of the photos of seductive beauties on the Internet are not just Photoshop, but not entirely true. So it is: girls bloggers from all over the world launched a flash mob #instagramvsreality and boldly showed themselves to be real. Their non-photoshop tricks, which in three seconds will hide the belly or pump up the ass to the state of "nut", is not so difficult …


Lean back a little

The queen of beach photography is not blogger Sonny Turner, but Her Majesty Perspective. Leaning back a little, taking a photo at the moment of inhalation and slightly “spreading” the hips closer to the camera is a recipe for a seductive shot.

Stretching the spine

The favorite technique of this model is to draw in the stomach so that through it you can scratch the spine. We often see this in her other posts with the same Instagram-real message. But what else can you see in the picture: the elongated spine pulls the entire muscle corset along with it and hides the imperfections of the body. Well, we have been saying for a long time that a healthy posture is the secret of beauty and youth. For example, in this article: How our back betrays our age: 5 signs of aging 40+

Making bootie carcasses

Fitonies are sure that squats are a girl's best friend. We will correct their dogma: any hips will seem sexy if you sit down slightly in front of the camera and bend your lower back. The gorgeous model Tyra Banks even came up with her name for this pose - "bootie tush". The necessary muscles are tense and stretched, the clothes do not wrinkle, the butt visually becomes larger. No magic.

By the way, hips are not our only trump card: there are at least 5 more female raisins that can drive a man crazy.

Pulling the pants over the navel

Noel Downing is a gorgeous girl: both in terms of charisma and in terms of form. In two photos at intervals of a couple of seconds, we see how the high-rise training leggings work wonders. Remember: you can cover your belly with both loose T-shirts and tight trousers, whose belt is about a couple of centimeters above the navel.

In addition to high-waisted pants, we know 8 more life hacks that will help hide common body flaws.

We keep the body in tension

We are used to positioning ourselves comfortably even in the photo. We sat down on our whole ass, lay down so as to rest at the same time. Unfortunately, comfort is not equal to beauty. A relaxed body - our "normal" body - is often like the semolina from which we try to assemble a pyramid (but it always crawls). Models know that a good photo is a huge work, because even if it seems to everyone that you crouched down (as in the photo), in fact, you froze on the tips of your toes and do not let your hips spread over your legs and heels, while you pulled in your stomach and covered sagging chest.

Why are we doing this? It's okay to want to look sexy. Trying to sit in a pose in photographs so that later fans would fall in stacks is also absolutely normal. But please do not forget to love your real body, because it is always seductive, and you are beautiful!

And if you think that only ordinary women have such a difference between photography and reality, then here is a similar article about stars for you: Hello, faces: what stars look like in real life.