Alena Shishkova Became Blonde Again

Alena Shishkova Became Blonde Again
Alena Shishkova Became Blonde Again

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A few months ago, Alena experimented with her appearance and dyed her hair brunette. Then users compared her with Anastasia Reshetova and said that the model wants to take Timati away from her.


The fans clearly did not like this transformation. They are used to seeing Shishkova as a spectacular blonde, and with dark hair, her face lost its original originality and became faded. The star was literally hounded on the network, constantly comparing with the current wife of rapper Timati, the father of the child Shishkova.

The star says that all this time, spiteful critics wrote her negative comments and assured her that this image did not suit her terribly, and even called her a witch. The model was nevertheless touched by the offensive words of haters, and she decided to return to her old image.

But getting back to blonde has proven to be a daunting task. Several beauty salons refused to provide Shishkova's services, because it is extremely difficult to switch from a dark color to a light color - the hair may suffer. The girl barely managed to find a specialist who coped with such an overwhelming task.

16 Jul 2020 at 11:33 PDT

But the comments of the fans were not long in coming. If earlier a hate wave hit the model, now many people praise Shishkova for returning to her previous style.

“This color really suits you”; "Blond does not suit anyone as" royally "as you do"; “Very nice color,” many fans stated.

Alena herself does not hide that she tolerates criticism very painfully. Because of this, she often experiments with her image, constantly looking for the best option. However, every famous and popular person has enemies who will definitely criticize him and shower him with negative comments.

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