Before And After: The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries That Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid And Other Stars Owe

Before And After: The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries That Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid And Other Stars Owe
Before And After: The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries That Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid And Other Stars Owe

Video: Before And After: The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries That Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid And Other Stars Owe

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Jennifer Lopez


As my wife Yana Laputina said, Jennifer Lopez is a clear confirmation that 50 is the new 30. Well, who can say that she is already 50 ?! The fact that the actress takes good care of herself and turns to the right specialists on time allows her to walk the super-open Versace dresses on the catwalk with a clear conscience, and in general feel great.

The most famous part of Jennifer's body is, of course, her buttocks. And here it is important to understand that she is Hispanic - naturally short, with wide hips and an impressive booty. Therefore, in her first photographs, the buttocks, although not huge, are certainly not small. A little later, Jennifer additionally enlarged them with the help of implants. Lipofilling at the time when she was operated was not yet so widespread. Jennifer's chest is her own.

In the earliest films, the actress had a small "failure" of the nose, but now its shape has become more chiseled. Most likely, the back width and tip have been adjusted.

In my opinion, plastic surgery of the lower and upper eyelids was also performed: in her youth, Jennifer had a more pronounced overhang of the upper eyelid. Most likely, there was no surgical facelift - I do not see any scars or holes in the photographs, although these traces of interventions can be cleverly hidden by makeup and hair. But I believe that the actress just has a good cosmetologist and she does not forget to regularly come to face correction with fillers.

Demmy Moor

The actress removed Bisha's lumps and therefore now looks worse than she could: do you see how such "stripes" form in the sub-zygomatic region, the cheeks are sunken? This visually ages the face, makes it look haggard and tired.

The fact is that Bish's lumps have a skeleton function, and when they are not there, the face can float down over time. That is why I have not performed this operation since 1997. And for the voluminous cheekbones, I send patients to our dermatocosmetologists for injections of hyaluronic acid.

I see the plastic of the nose and eyelids. Judging by the way the ear is standing, a circular facelift also took place.

Demi did breast augmentation, and in earlier photos it looks like two round balls instead of a breast, a very unnatural and conspicuous result. Obviously, the implants were subsequently changed to more suitable ones.

Bella Hadid

To sign millions of contracts for filming, the American model has seriously worked on her appearance. In particular, I see an eyebrow lift and blepharoplasty for the "fox" look.

Perhaps the removal of Bisha's lumps (or fillers in the zygomatic zone).

Definitely rhinoplasty. Previously, the nose was round, but now the intervention is obvious: the cartilage is highlighted, the tip of the nose is narrowed. The rest - fillers, botulinum therapy, hardware techniques such as SMAS-lifting for an ideal face contour.

But as for the figure of the model, here, I suppose, we must pay tribute to good genetics (own breasts) and healthy lifestyle. If, nevertheless, she is sinning with nutrition, then she probably resorted to liposuction.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, in my opinion, did a facelift and very carefully corrected her nose. I associate swelling of the face with a fascination with fillers with hyaluronic acid, and some immobility of facial expressions - with muscle paralysis from botulinum toxin. There is a feeling that the specialists have gone too far with the injections.

The movie star would insert breast implants and then remove them, and probably did a breast lift after that.And it seems to me that this is the very case when the actress is just a small natural breast, which makes the image more aristocratic and sophisticated. A large bust would not look advantageous for Nicole and would even give her age and some kind of "weight".

George Clooney and Tom Cruise

In my opinion, George Clooney did eyelid plastic surgery. At the same time, he definitely did not touch the upper eyelid, but on the lower one there is a characteristic stripe, and it is very likely that transconjunctival blepharoplasty was performed, after which the bags under the eyes were gone. Otherwise, I do not observe any surgical interventions, and this is how a man is aging very decently.

Tom Cruise did not notice the plastic surgery of the eyelids, but there is rhinoplasty, and for a long time. At the dawn of his career, the actor appeared in films with a longer nose and a large hump.

Although this does not apply to plastic surgery, I note that he also did dental restorations. Added masculinity and correction of the lower third of the face - most likely, chin implantation was performed. Typically male plastic surgery.

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