Crooked Mirror: Russian Male Stars Who Dragged Their Faces

Crooked Mirror: Russian Male Stars Who Dragged Their Faces
Crooked Mirror: Russian Male Stars Who Dragged Their Faces

Video: Crooked Mirror: Russian Male Stars Who Dragged Their Faces

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Many artists do not hesitate to declare that they need to look perfect at all times. Indeed, many people often earn money not only with their talent, but also with their appearance. With this approach, many celebrities, of course, do not want to grow old, and they want to look always young. However, some celebrities are so addicted to their own rejuvenation that they change beyond recognition with age.


Valery Leontiev

27 Jul 2018 at 3:27 PDT

Many fans of Leontyev's work are already accustomed to the new image of the artist, but not everyone remembers him at the beginning of the journey. The singer does not hide the fact that he used the services of specialists to tighten his face and rejuvenate a little, but every year the interventions of plastic surgeons are becoming more and more obvious.

Alexander Peskov

Jan 29, 2020 8:58 am PST

The Sands parodist is known for his striking transformations. However, the artist is already 58 years old, and age-related changes are making themselves felt. To prolong his youth, Peskov tightened the skin of the eyelids and forehead, which he does not hide. The parodist believes that the profession obliges you to always look fresh, so he does not see anything wrong with his improvements in appearance.

Sergey Zverev

13 Apr 2020 at 12: 49 PDT

The Russian stylist-hairdresser has changed beyond recognition since his youth. Haters scold him for the abundance of plastic surgery, but few people know that the first operations were forced: Sergey had an accident, and he needed urgent intervention from specialists. However, the new face of Zverev was quite satisfied.

Dmitry Dibrov

30 Aug 2019 at 3:11 PDT

Fans believe that the artist is trying to look younger not only because of the specifics of his work, but also because he has a young wife who is 30 years younger than him. From the changed face of Dibrov, it is clear that he periodically uses the services of cosmetologists. However, some fans are sure that Dmitry had a facelift.

Sometimes fans are confused by the changed faces of not only men, but also women: As if bees had bitten: how Tatyana Dogileva's appearance has changed. And some stars' faces have turned to plastic: Frozen faces: stars who have gone too far with the changes in appearance.

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