How Embarrassing To Grow Old

How Embarrassing To Grow Old
How Embarrassing To Grow Old

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In the absence of rejuvenating apples in supermarkets, we have to invent other ways to "hold our face" - from face-building to contouring. Or at least photoshop. More and more women are getting caught up in this race for youth, vainly trying to bring the incredible story of Benjamin Button to life.


At what point did this happen to us? When did we begin to consider natural age-related changes something shameful? First, we deprived the star beauties of the right to a respectable age. And after them and themselves.

The desire of a thirty-five-year-old woman to sign up for a beautician in order to smooth out the first "crow's feet" is quite understandable to me. In fact, only she sees them. Now she looks at her 35, and will leave the beautician's office in her thirties or younger. And this, too, will be noticed only by herself. Others imperceptibly: they will think that Madame has just slept. The difference between "before" and "after" is subtle. But the beautician's syringe is such a needle that you can easily get hooked on and lose your sense of proportion in the pursuit of eternal youth. But this is already scary. And sometimes after the nth procedure it is scary - the literal definition of the result.

There are two Western divas who, in my opinion, are living examples of the fact that age and age-related changes are normal. Sarah Jessica Parker and Monica Bellucci. Both are now 55 years old. Both look natural and are not ashamed of themselves. Neither one nor the second brought their face to the altar of plastic surgery. Even having the opportunity to be a client of the best beauty specialists. Did they lose from this? Definitely not. Charisma, character and femininity are not subject to age-related changes. Gravity (which is still a bitch) is able to pull down the chest and jawline. But even she will not pull self-esteem to the bottom.

"But what about the sexuality that knocks you off your feet?" - you ask. I will try to answer delicately. The sexuality of a woman after fifty is very different from that of a woman in her twenties. And this does not in any way depend on whether she is aging naturally or every year she starts to resemble Fantomas more and more, being carried away by braces.

This is no longer the age when vulgar outfits do not seem vulgar, and the allowable amount of naked skin exceeds 80 percent of the body. And woe to the one who, after fifty, tries to remain a twenty-year-old coquette. Simply because in all my life I have never learned anything else. In a little over fifty, you can be a beauty. And after seventy - you can. And you need to! But only a beauty of her age and status. Because a teenage grandmother is not even funny, it's embarrassing.

But if you were born a woman, and by a certain age you have also become successful and wealthy, I have bad news for you. For the way you age, you will be greeted anyway. If you inject Botox, you will be called a silicone predator, which does not abandon the last attempts to lure a young lover. If you do not, they will call it unkempt. The option that you will simply be allowed to make a choice and live the way you want, I do not advise you to consider. Today we have no right to grow old: youth or death. The feeling of "total self-acceptance", which is so fashionable to talk about, is in fact capable of very few.

And how to accept yourself with wrinkles and not pinned nasolabels? When even quite young girls are ashamed of themselves. I first came to a beautician at the age of 29. And she got a scolding! It turns out that the aging process is like a fire - it must be prevented, not extinguished. But I did not dare to remove the wrinkles from the forehead, which have not yet appeared. I was warned that if you don't pin it up in advance, then it will be too late. But risk is a noble business, so, like Scarlett, I'll think about it tomorrow.

In the mirror and in life, like many others, I allow myself to be like that.Not perfect. With a face not like a testicle. The same cannot be said about photographs. Since insta filters appeared in my life, selfies without a smoothing effect began to be perceived as frank. This cannot be spread. In the same place, it is noticeable that I already have And this, it seems to me, is a much deeper problem than even the deepest wrinkles. Refusing to accept your face without a "rejuvenating" effect is a fiasco! Old age has not even come yet, but you have already lost to her.

Stabbing or not stabbing something in your face, or substituting it under a scalpel is a personal matter for each individual person. But what almost all of us lack for sure is the ability to accept ourselves. No injections can help here.

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