Funny Or Charming: How Popular Members Of KVN Teams Look Now

Funny Or Charming: How Popular Members Of KVN Teams Look Now
Funny Or Charming: How Popular Members Of KVN Teams Look Now

Video: Funny Or Charming: How Popular Members Of KVN Teams Look Now

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In KVN, in the entire history of the project, many teams have changed, but not all of them remained the bright stars of the show. We remembered the brightest participants in the KVN program and invite you to see how much they have changed since the beginning of their careers.


Actress Svetlana Permyakova began her career with KVN in the form of a narrow-minded student Svetka. Her main attributes were strange lipstick, red hair and a hat with two tassels. Over the years, Svetlana has changed beyond recognition: now she dresses more elegantly and looks appropriate for her age. She has participated in weight loss programs on numerous occasions and has shown amazing results.

Actress Olga Kartunkova was remembered by many viewers thanks to her charisma, but years later she decided to lose weight and showed an amazing result: she lost more than 80 kilograms. The artist said that she was losing weight with the help of doctors and sports.

In addition to losing weight, Olga also dyed her hair and greatly changed her image, which is not surprising, because in the new weight she can afford more stylish clothes.

Now such an outfit would look great on Kartunkova: Legs from ears: Tatiana Navka showed a summer look with chic trousers.

The image of the artist Elena Borshcheva has not changed much over time. However, Elena often shares with subscribers how she goes to salon procedures and carefully looks after herself. Many laughed at Elena because of the shape of her ears, some even advised to do plastic surgery in order to "press" them a little to her head, but the artist did not follow the public's lead and retained her zest. The artist admitted that she had really thought about plastic before, but then she realized that it was her ears that made her famous.

By the way, another artist with an unusual appearance greatly spoiled herself with plastic: Martian beauty: how Zhanna Aguzarova's face changed over time.

The stage images of Natalya Medvedeva, both then and now, are distinguished by their recklessness and stand out against the background of other kaveen girls. Over time, the artist lost a lot of weight and began to prefer nude makeup.

In general, many artists have tried to preserve their natural beauty, unlike the actresses of another show: Beautiful or funny: the actresses of the Ural dumplings show before glory and now.

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