Perfume Is A Delicate Matter: How To Choose, How To Buy And How To Scent Properly

Perfume Is A Delicate Matter: How To Choose, How To Buy And How To Scent Properly
Perfume Is A Delicate Matter: How To Choose, How To Buy And How To Scent Properly

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Getting ready for the purchase


On the day of purchase, stop using perfumes with a strong smell - eau de toilette, perfume, essential oils and deodorants. Otherwise, in the store, you will be distracted by your scent.

It is better to go for perfume before lunchtime. In the first half of the day, the sensitivity of our olfactory receptors is very high, which allows us to distinguish the slightest shades of aroma.

Before choosing a perfume, decide for what time of year and even time of day it is intended. Morning aromas are different from evening ones, and summer aromas are different from winter ones. At the beginning of the day, a perfume with citrus and floral notes sounds good, and at the end - with warm spices and amber. For the summer season, perfumes with sea, fresh green, floral, light and citrus aromas are ideal, for the winter season - warming, oriental, sweet, fruity.

Choosing your scent

First, a little theory. There are so-called three notes of aroma: top (initial), middle (main or "heart note") and base (residual).

When you open the bottle, you immediately feel the top note. Its components are the most volatile, so you should not judge by them about a perfume. The initial note holds for 10-15 minutes. The main note appears next - it is more persistent, it sounds for about two hours. Then comes the base note - this is the final chord of the composition, it lasts on the skin, on average, from 10 to 24 hours. The duration of this stage directly depends on the quality of the perfume.

To understand how the chosen perfume suits you, you need to feel all the notes, having waited the specified time. The best option will be the one with which you feel comfortable at all stages of the aroma development.

Actor Sergei Gubanov is the founder of his own perfume brand.

You shouldn't sniff all the fragrances presented. Limit yourself to 3-6 options at a time. After several tests, the smells begin to mix, and the olfactory receptors cannot appreciate all the subtleties of the composition.

To perceive a "clean" smell, use a professional recipe: inhale the aroma of coffee beans between samples. Jars with them will be offered to you in every decent store.

You cannot be guided in choosing a fragrance by the smell coming from the bottle itself or from the cap - it quickly evaporates, after which the main notes appear.

Do not rush to immediately apply the fragrance you like to the skin. First, use a blotter (paper strip): spray perfume on it, wait 2-3 seconds and then sniff. Do not bring the strip to the very nose - the distance should be at least 3 cm!

If the first impression is good, then put some perfume on your wrist. Now you need to be patient and wait 10-15 minutes for the scent to open up, and you can appreciate how it combines with your natural scent.

Now comes the fun part! If you like the way the smell opens up on the wrist, then … leave the store! Grabbing a tester strip. Come back the next day. As you remember, the fragrance unfolds through three phases, so it is very important to keep track of how the scent changes on your skin and on the paper strip throughout the day. And only if you are completely satisfied - feel free to buy the chosen bottle.

Apply correctly

European perfume

Traditionally, they are applied in those places where the pulse is felt: wrists, behind the earlobes, in the point between the collarbones, in the popliteal fossa, on the elbows, under the breast. The skin must be dry and clean.

You can scent your hair slightly, or touch the fossa above your upper lip.

It is not recommended to spray fragrance on clothes.Firstly, it fully reveals itself only on the skin, and secondly, ugly spots may remain on the fabric. If you want to give your clothes a scent, it is better to drop a couple of drops of your favorite scent into water and rinse your clothes in it.

Arabian oil perfume

Unlike European perfumes, oil is recommended to be applied to damp skin - this way the scent will last longer. Another interesting feature is that in the process of rest, the fragrance dies down, but as soon as you start moving, it unfolds in its entirety.

To apply Arabian perfume is on the wrists, elbows and in the fossa between the collarbones. Additionally, you can perfume the temples, popliteal fossa and the hollow between the breasts. Since the oily perfume is very concentrated, literally one drop is enough to drop on each area of ​​the body.

Do not put oily perfume behind your ears: the abundance of fatty glands located there will distort the aroma.

It is important to take into account that oriental perfume cannot be applied not only to clothes, but also to jewelry - jewelry from this loses its color and shine.

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