What Kind Of Terminator: Famous Men Who Decided On A Total Transformation

What Kind Of Terminator: Famous Men Who Decided On A Total Transformation
What Kind Of Terminator: Famous Men Who Decided On A Total Transformation

Video: What Kind Of Terminator: Famous Men Who Decided On A Total Transformation

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Plastic surgeries are considered a woman's hobby: it just so happens that girls want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. Despite this trend, there are also men who love going to the surgeon's office. We will tell you which famous representatives of the stronger sex want to age beautifully.


Tom Cruise

Age of the handsome man from the movie "Mission: Impossible" is approaching 60, so it is not surprising that he prefers to hide age changes. With the help of blepharoplasty, Tom removed the crow's feet, and beauty injections clearly help him to keep his face in good shape. Fans view Tom's infatuation differently. Some believe that the actor does not need an operation. Others, on the other hand, praise Cruz for wanting to be better. The main thing is that Tom does not overdo it in pursuit of youth.

Ray Liotta

And we would advise this actor to stop. Ray wanted to stay young so much that he got too carried away with operations and ceased to be like himself. Therefore, today Liotta's photos are adorned not by movie posters, but by selections of unsuccessful plastics of celebrities. Experts disagree on what Ray did. Some call the botox injections the reason for the "dropping" face, others - an unsuccessful facelift. Whatever it is, the actor (and everyone else) is better off not repeating this.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

The famous footballer is still far from age-related changes, but he already has a couple of operations on his account. Cristiano, unlike Tom, is not chasing youth, but beauty: the athlete performed rhinoplasty and changed the shape of the chin. In addition, Ronaldo put in veneers and started caring for his skin, so you can't recognize him in old photos. The fans of the football player are delighted, and the fans, in fact, do not care what he looks like, as long as they play well. We predict that Cristiano will not stop there, and in about twenty years he will make the first lift.

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Alexander Maslyakov

The permanent host of KVN is one of those who do not neglect plastic in order to stay young. Alexander lifted his eyelids with the help of operations, and also periodically "pin up" his face. Unlike some Western colleagues, the man is not very addicted, so the interventions on his face look quite organic. Alexander's facial expressions are natural and alive, the skin of the face is not stretched to the very top of the head, and does not hang down too much. It seems that the presenter managed to find a middle ground for himself, which I would like to wish for everyone else!

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Valery Leontiev

The domestic singer can be given the palm for the popularization of male plastic in Russia. Valery started "improving" back in the 90s, and today he is actively prolonging his youth with the help of injections and surgeries. This year, the singer turned 71, and he looks over 50. No "crow's feet", no wrinkles on your forehead - beauty! And these mounds hardly bother him. Of course, not everyone understands and accepts Valery's hobby, but he likes everything, and this is the main thing.

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