Stashenko Bought A Second Youth

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Stashenko Bought A Second Youth
Stashenko Bought A Second Youth

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Video: Second Youth - Morons (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2023, January

Everything cost less than a regular operation. But the actress is very pleased with the results!


Oksana Stashenko spoke frankly about her experience in the struggle for youth. The actress admitted that she has been visiting one of the capital's clinics for a long time, where she has her own permanent cosmetologist and where she occasionally makes so-called beauty injections. As Stashenko says, she needs this so that the face - the working tool of the actress - remains in decent condition.

- At some point, I told the doctor: age still begins to manifest itself. And I don't want to play grandmothers. At least for now. Is it possible to somehow postpone this moment? - Oksana told us. - I was already ready to even cut something. But my doctor said: let's not cut it yet. We will use hardware cosmetology. And she has moved forward very far. And he proposed a method when, with the help of a special apparatus, an electric current is supplied to the deep layers of the skin. The current goes straight through the muscle, burning it. Then, scars form on the burned areas of the muscles, which tighten the face. This is the technology.

I was immediately warned that it would hurt. And indeed I had to go through a very thrill. I even squealed in pain. But she endured. After the procedure, I had a slight swelling on my face for some time. And the skin was kind of a little cyanotic. But then it all went away. After 4-5 days, the face smoothed out.

When I came to the shooting of the program "Tasty!", The girls-editors whispered among themselves: they say, Ksyusha looks so good that she definitely did the plastic. I was told about their suspicions. But if I did plastic surgery in its traditional sense, I would not hide it. Moreover, I will do it someday. Yes, I will cut my face if necessary, although I used to be categorical about it. But if now there is a way to postpone the moment of meeting with the scalpel, then why not use it? Moreover, it costs less …

Larisa Molodtsova

Photo: NTV

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