20 Years Younger: Beauty Evolution Of Larisa Udovichenko

20 Years Younger: Beauty Evolution Of Larisa Udovichenko
20 Years Younger: Beauty Evolution Of Larisa Udovichenko

Video: 20 Years Younger: Beauty Evolution Of Larisa Udovichenko

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People's Artist of Russia Larisa Udovichenko has played more than 120 film roles in her life. How does she look good? After all, regular flu, shooting and lack of sleep greatly affect the beauty. How does she manage to look 45 at 65? Beauty evolution of Larisa udovichenko in our material.


In one of her first roles, Larisa looks very young and tender. The glow of the skin is visible even in black and white. Probably, she had a little tinted eyelashes to make them more voluminous and fluffy.

After many years, Udovichenko began to look like an adult woman: small wrinkles treacherously began to emphasize age. Make-up also affects the overall look: the outer corners of the eyes accentuated with dark shadows make the look a little thoughtful.

During the release of the series “Dasha Vasilyeva. Lover of Private Investigation ", where Udovichenko played the main role, many fans noticed that the actress is trying to take care of herself. In 2003, Udovichenko was 48 years old, and she looked pretty good. To mask her age a little, she preferred natural makeup, which does not strongly emphasize wrinkles and gives freshness to the face.

However, after a few years, the actress quickly aged. Loose skin, ptosis became very noticeable, and the neck began to betray age. The actress does not hide the fact that she turned to plastic surgeons several times, but still did not dare to go under the knife.

However, already in 2019, the appearance of Larisa Udovichenko shocked many. How did she manage to look younger? Really plastic face? As it turned out, the actress decided only on a slight lift around the eyes. In one of her interviews, Larisa told what she does to maintain her beauty in good shape: “Botox, restylines, anti-wrinkle injections, cosmetic procedures, massages, thalassotherapy - I use it”. Many plastic surgeons claim that such a result can be achieved without surgery.

In addition, Udovichenko tries to monitor her diet, but most often she tries to maintain a sleep schedule.

Do you think Larisa Udovichenko did a circular facelift or not?

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