Fans Do Plastic To Look Like Stars

Fans Do Plastic To Look Like Stars
Fans Do Plastic To Look Like Stars

Video: Fans Do Plastic To Look Like Stars

Video: Top 10 People Who Abused Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Idol 2022, December

Celebrity fans are ready to do a lot for the sake of idols and imitate them in everything. And some go even further and do plastic surgery in order to look like a pet not only in outfits, makeup and hair, but also in appearance.

1. James Park, fan of Kim Kardashian. British makeup artist cannot live a day without admiring the non-TV personality Kim. But photos and videos with her are not enough for him, he has already spent 150,000 dollars on numerous plastic surgeries to become like her. The man admits that such beauty has complicated his life, but does not intend to stop.

2. Jack Johnson, fan of David Beckham. An unemployed man worships a football player. Already $ 26,000, including state-paid unemployment benefits, went to plastic surgeons, although it is clearly premature to talk about the similarities between Johnson and Beckham.

3. Adam Guerra, Madonna fan. Adam is a fan of the singer with many years of experience. Already in adolescence, he began to do operations to get the appearance of Madonna, and by the age of 27, 18 times went under the surgeon's knife. $ 175,000 brought him closer to his dream, so now he puts on a show, performing compositions of the beloved singer, copying her manners and using his own collection of costumes.

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