Worth Its Weight In Gold: Top "royal" Fragrances With Oud

Worth Its Weight In Gold: Top "royal" Fragrances With Oud
Worth Its Weight In Gold: Top "royal" Fragrances With Oud

Video: Worth Its Weight In Gold: Top "royal" Fragrances With Oud

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Worth its weight in gold: top "royal" fragrances with oud


Oud is one of the most valuable and expensive ingredients in perfumery. And, it seems, after several years of his absence, it becomes the most fashionable note of this year.

Fragrances with this note seem to be created for real gourmets and aesthetes. Oud is a resin extracted from the heart of an agarwood tree. This process is very laborious, so aromas with a woody component are worth their weight in gold. Collected the most luxurious perfume with oud.

MEMO Argentina

Photo: Instagram / @ memo.paris

This fragrance takes you to sunny, cheerful and romantic Argentina. Passionate street tango, great music, hundreds of lights, fabulous lakes and open people. All this conveys the aroma of Argentina with notes of velvet ambrette, spicy rose and soft, creamy oud.

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair, RUB 20 800

This luxurious scent is inspired by the love story of the famous actress and Hollywood star of the 50s Ava Gardner and the famous bullfighter Luis Miguel Domingin. The Oud Affair describes their whirlwind romance - and unforgettable dates, and meetings that you look forward to, quarrels and disagreements - all the heat of passion. The accords of wild honey and ginger oil in the top notes are a perfect match for the sweet notes of tobacco leaves and precious oud.

Xerjoff Alexandria II

Xerjoff Alexandria II, RUB 59,350

The fragrance is dedicated to the era of the reign of the strong and incredible Cleopatra. Royal oud is subtly combined with notes of spicy cinnamon, sweet apples, delicate rose, lavender and musk. One can imagine that this rich aroma filled all the rooms in the magnificent palace of the Queen of Egypt.

Tom ford oud wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood, RUB 13,100

A classic woody scent that sits on the skin like a perfectly tailored jacket. Oud Wood was created for those who are not indifferent to spicy compositions - precious rosewood and cardamom, sprinkled with hot Sichuan pepper, smoothly transform into exquisite notes of oud and creamy sandalwood. Airy vanilla remains in the base. Oud Wood is a real must-have for dating.

Kilian Musk Oud

Kilian Musk Oud, 30,500 RUB

Silky and captivating aroma intoxicates from the first notes, thanks to the sweet sound of rose and subtle musk. The heart contains notes of hot and literally melting oud combined with patchouli. In the base - drops of rum in chocolate. Another impeccable gourmand fragrance for romantic get-togethers.

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