Deputies Helped The Governor With Planting

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Deputies Helped The Governor With Planting
Deputies Helped The Governor With Planting

Video: Deputies Helped The Governor With Planting

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Kursk region joined the All-Russian campaign “Save the forest”. It started in August in Kamchatka. The goal of the campaign is to plant 40 million trees

The action was attended by the Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoit, Deputy Governor Yuri Knyazev, Mayor Viktor Karamyshev, representatives of the Kursk Region Administration, students, volunteers, cancer center employees, members of the Public Youth Chamber at the Kursk Regional Duma.


- The contribution of the Kurds is more than 5 thousand trees. The main species is pine. Also, residents are planting 360 rowan seedlings. All plants were grown in nurseries of the region, - said Roman Cheked, deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, in his social networks.

The trees were planted at the cancer center.

- A green corner will appear here, where the Kurds who live nearby, as well as those who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the oncological dispensary, will be able to relax and take a walk. The new park will be called "Eliseevsky", - said the deputy of the Kursk City Council Abhay Singh.

Photo from the personal page of Abhay Singh

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