Expectation Is Reality: What Hollywood Cover Beauties Look Like In Real Life

Expectation Is Reality: What Hollywood Cover Beauties Look Like In Real Life
Expectation Is Reality: What Hollywood Cover Beauties Look Like In Real Life

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Today, absolutely everyone knows that the cover of a glossy magazine has little to do with reality - a star undergoes such retouching, which is removed for this very cover. And it becomes all the more interesting to compare the covers in the format "was - was" - with how Hollywood celebrities look in real life. Almost like children's spot-the-difference pictures - for adults only.


To the credit of Hollywood divas, it is worth noting that every year they protest louder and louder against the use of retouching - not all, but quite a lot, especially if some GQ or Vogue with this very retouching is frankly overdoing it, removing extra pounds and wrinkles for the stars, or, for example, lightening skin tone. In the meantime, glossy publications have not completely abandoned embellishment of reality, we still have a chance to compare how the stars look on the covers - and in reality.

An exquisite Hollywood diva on the cover, in life Amanda Seyfried cannot boast of an equally flawless skin, not a glamorous hairstyle.

Angelina Jolie looks almost equally flawless both in reality and on the cover, but the designers of the Vanity Fair cover decided that the actress's eyes should be made brighter - and "painted" them bright blue.

Singer Ariana Grande on the cover of Vogue bears little resemblance to how she looks in everyday life.

Britney Spears, of course, but any cover loses its even a few, but still extra pounds.

Cate Blanchett always looks flawless on the red carpet and in gloss, but the designers of this cover seem to have some particular aversion to age wrinkles.

It would seem that the young star of "Harry Potter" Emma Watson does not need any embellishment, but the designers of this cover somehow did not please her piquant freckles.

Eva Longoria looks very different on the cover and in reality - especially now, after the birth of her first child.

Heidi Klum is rapidly approaching her half-century anniversary, and therefore the shots with the supermodel in full dress and without makeup are two completely different women.

Jessica Alba needs retouching less than others, but her image on the cover is still subject to, albeit minimal, processing.

Jessica Chastain in real life and on this highly artistic cover of W magazine are two completely different women.

On the cover of Vogue, supermodel Cara Delevingne looks like a fatal diva, but in real life she looks like a completely ordinary girl.

Kate Moss in her 45 years can still give a certain head start to young stars, but the beach photos of the star show that this handicap is largely the merit of retouching, and not at all the model herself.

On this cover of Interview, Katy Perry tried on the image of Amy Winehouse, but in real life the singer looks much simpler.

And, of course, the main lover of all kinds of retouching Kim Kardashian, who in ordinary life, very rarely, but still allows herself to appear on the street without makeup - and the difference immediately becomes noticeable.

One of the main favorites of the upcoming Oscar, Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric images, but in real life the singer's appearance is quite simple.

For some reason, the creators of this W magazine cover decided to see how Miley Cyrus would look without eyebrows. Who would have thought that highlighted eyebrows change a person's appearance so much.

Natalie Portman, at the age of 37, retains an almost perfect appearance, but additionally emphasizing the actress's facial features on the cover with the help of retouching is, apparently, a sacred thing.

Nicole Kidman, at 51, is slowly losing the battle against aging, but the creators of the Vanity Fair cover refuse to admit it with all their might.

Rita Ora looks very different on the cover and in real life.

Nor does Scarlett Johansson, who in reality cannot boast the same perfect porcelain complexion and flawless skin as on the cover.

Another favorite of the current Oscar, young Saoirse Ronan, on the cover and in reality also looks different, and in reality she looks like an ordinary girl, not a movie star and a favorite of film awards.

The creators of this cover with Uma Thurman also diligently turned a blind eye to the fact that the actress is already 48 years old.

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