Natalia Oreiro Nude Breastfeeding Son Publicly

Natalia Oreiro Nude Breastfeeding Son Publicly
Natalia Oreiro Nude Breastfeeding Son Publicly

Video: Natalia Oreiro Nude Breastfeeding Son Publicly

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The actress and singer Natalia Oreiro, beloved by many Russians for her leading role in the 1998 Argentinean TV series "Wild Angel", caused a stir on the Web by publishing a candid photo of previous years.

Recently, the world famous actress decided to share her memories with her fans on her personal Instagram blog. As a discussed topic, the artist chose her motherhood at the time when she attended the Cannes Film Festival, presenting the picture "Underground Childhood". According to Oreiro, it became known that even before the end of the event, she had to leave him, as "the time had come to feed" her son. As evidence, the star attached a series of photographs in which she was captured in front of a balcony overlooking the sea, being completely naked, and breastfeeding a baby.

- I went up the stairs with shoes in my hands, entered the room, took off my dress and sat down with him … our world stopped at this moment of endless love. Happy Day to all mothers today and every day (hereinafter, the author's style is preserved - ed.), - Natalia Oreiro shared with the fans.

The publication of the 43-year-old artist aroused the emotion and delight of her many fans, who considered the demonstrated footage "touching".

- "How much love are in these photos", "And I liked it, a very cute photo. This feeling, love for a child, is never forgotten", "What a beautiful baby", - the fans of the star shared their opinion.

However, among the commentators, there were also those who considered that "such personal photographs are ugly to exhibit."

Earlier, the editorial staff of VSE42.Ru reported that Natalia Oreiro in a translucent dress impressed fans.

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