Return To Naturalness: How Breast Fashion Has Changed Over The Decades

Return To Naturalness: How Breast Fashion Has Changed Over The Decades
Return To Naturalness: How Breast Fashion Has Changed Over The Decades

Video: Return To Naturalness: How Breast Fashion Has Changed Over The Decades

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Fashion changes over the years, not only for clothes, but also for breasts. Over the past decades, the ideals of the female bust have gone through different stages. Flat and lush, large and small - each stage was different from the previous one, and poor ladies had to keep up with fashion trends with the help of different tricks. With the advent of silicone implants, women began to improve their bust, resorting to surgical intervention. Find out how the ideals of the breast have changed over the decades from our material. Beautiful female breasts have always been in vogue, but the idea of ​​her ideal shape has changed every ten years. The fashion for pointed busts of vintage girls from pin-up posters over time gave way to smooth roundness. Later, models with flat boyish figures became popular on the catwalks. With the advent of silicone implants, everything returned to normal, and lush breasts became the dream of most women.


From cartridge bras to huge silicone implants, this is how breast fashions have changed over the past decades.


Star: Jane Russell

In the 40s, when corsets were gradually out of use, women began to wear separate bras. This made it easier to do the hard work during the war and post-war times. At first, bras were sewn in the shape of a cone, for which they were called “patron” bras. In 1943, entrepreneur and filmmaker Howard Hughes invented the underwired bra to enhance actress Jane Russell's breasts when she starred in his film Outlaw.

At that time, postcards and calendars with pin-up models in underwear were actively published to cheer up the military, who was far from home. The women wanted their breasts to be like the busts of the playful girls from the posters: curvy, raised and pointed.


Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors

The beginning of the release of the men's magazine Playboy, which featured pin-up photographs of a half-naked Marilyn Monroe, changed the look at women's breasts. As sexy shots became mainstream, ladies began to feel uncomfortable with the "imperfect" bust size. Soon, special pads were invented, which were hemmed into a bra to make breasts appear larger.

Dresses with a deep neckline, which were worn by Hollywood stars, were too revealing for most women. Instead, they started wearing skinny crew-neck jumpers over cone-shaped bras. Ladies emphasized volumes with tight belts and pencil skirts.


Stars: Twiggy, Mia Farrow

Until that time, doctors had already begun experimenting with different injections to increase breast volume, including injecting animal fat and paraffin into the mammary glands. Often these experiments led to disastrous results. But in 1962, two Texas surgeons first enlarged the bust of 30-year-old Timmy Jean Lindsey from the second to the third size, using silicone implants. Since then, the history of silicone breasts begins.

Nevertheless, despite the breakthrough in plastic surgery, in those years there was a sharp change in ideals regarding the female bust. The appearance on the starry horizon of the 16-year-old model Twiggy has led to public admiration for the boyish silhouette. The beauty of the flat figure was also supported by the most influential designer of the decade, Mary Quant.


Star: Grace Jones

Until the early 1970s, more and more women started taking contraceptives. This helped not only to control sex life, but also led to breast enlargement.Experts say that oral contraceptives contain a large dose of synthetic estrogen, under the influence of which the bust can increase almost by size.

Supportive bras that lifted the breasts and gave them a beautiful shape came into fashion. However, they have been opposed by feminists who urge women to be who they are. Because of this, models with small but firm breasts appeared on the covers of magazines more often, and preference was given to an angular type of figure.


Stars: Pamela Anderson, Samantha Fox

Improvement in nutritional quality and expansion of the range of products led to the fact that the average size of a woman's breasts increased to third. With the appearance on the screens of the luxurious Pamela Anderson in the TV series "Rescuers Malibu", silicone implants have become fashionable. Then surgeons introduced implants by making a small incision above the areola. They inserted a silicone pouch into the body, which contained a gel or saline solution, and then shaped it to the desired shape.

Soon, more flexible saline inserts were invented to prevent the gel from leaking out. They were round in shape to raise the chest and make it more contoured.


Stars: Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Elizabeth Hurley

Kate Moss burst into the fashion world in 1993 when she was 19 years old. She amazed the audience by appearing in a transparent dress without a bra, boldly showing off her first size breasts. So the future supermodel began a new stage in changing the ideals of the female bust.

While the flat figure has become a benchmark in the fashion industry, the popularity of plastic breast augmentation surgeries has also increased in the US and UK. Those who could not afford the expensive procedure bought push-up bras.

In 1994, supermodel Eva Herzigova literally stopped transport with posters on which she wore a bra under the headline: "Hello guys!"

In the same year, Elizabeth Hurley made millions of fans open their mouths by appearing at a secular party in a revealing Versace dress with a deep neckline.

At that time, breast augmentation was something of a status symbol. All famous beauties have resorted to this procedure. With the development of plastic surgery, implants began to be inserted under the muscles, making the bust look more natural.


Star: Katie Price

When Katie Price began to undergo plastic surgery, enlarging breasts from the second to the sixth size, women realized that getting a big bust was as easy as shelling pears. In 2006, about 20 thousand procedures were performed in the UK.

The popularity of plastic surgeries has increased, among other things, thanks to various reality shows such as "Extreme Transformation", where they showed amazing transformations of appearance with the help of surgical procedures.


Stars: Laura Anderson, Kim Kardashian

Nowadays, the average size of a woman's breasts has increased not only due to the use of implants, but also due to the fact that women began to weigh, on average, 13 kg more compared to the beginning of the last century. Accordingly, the volume of their bust also increased.

In the late 2010s, the popularity of silicone implants seems to have begun to wane. In 2017, the number of plastic breast augmentation surgeries decreased by 20%. The stars, among whom was Victoria Beckham, frankly talked about the removal of large implants. Women wanted to look more natural and now they began to turn to plastic surgeons for just that.


Star: Holly Willoughby

The British presenter was voted the woman with the most beautiful breasts in the country in a recent poll, as her breasts are natural and in proportion to her figure. The huge bust of Katie Price, who was previously so admired, was considered the worst.

Now women continue to strive for naturalness and resort to procedures without the introduction of silicone. Surgeons augment breasts using the patient's subcutaneous fat, transferring it to the bust from the thighs or buttocks.Thin waist, flat stomach, rounded chest and natural firmness of the body continue to be in vogue.

The female bust has always been an object of admiration and inspiration. In Japan, they even built a temple dedicated to the chest.

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