No Longer Fashionable: Anti-trends In Cosmetology, Which It Is Time To Forget About

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No Longer Fashionable: Anti-trends In Cosmetology, Which It Is Time To Forget About
No Longer Fashionable: Anti-trends In Cosmetology, Which It Is Time To Forget About

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Aesthetic medicine continues to pursue the idea of ​​being natural and natural. And if earlier we thoughtlessly rushed to remake ourselves and improve so that it was noticeable, now interventions should be delicate and sparing. And the goal of transformation is not to get into the trend, but to preserve individuality. Finally!


Huge lips

We are most pleased with the overthrow of this trend! Sedentary lips-dumplings looked extremely vulgar and wild. The trouble is that often women injected biopolymer gel into their lips to give them more volume. It gave excellent durability and side effects. The synthetic material led to fibrosis and deformations, and could also migrate under the skin. The case when the lips literally came out sideways!

Add the missing volume with a small portion of hyaluronic acid filler, of course, it is not forbidden. The main thing is not to cross the borders and not to use the gel, which is still not banned in Russia (unlike in Western countries).

Protruding cheekbones

It is believed that the protruding zygomatic bone gives the face an aristocratic appearance. In addition, by adding volume to this area, you can tighten the skin and get rid of the nasolabial folds. Fillers, lipofilling and implants are used to obtain the effect. However, after this procedure, especially if a hefty volume has been added, the temporal part sinks. And if you look at the face from an angle, it looks unnatural and zigzag.

It is necessary to add a small volume to the cheekbones after 40 to get rid of age-related manifestations. At a young age, you should not change your facial features, especially since it is no longer fashionable. To accentuate the cheekbones, use a dry sculptor and highlighter.

Lumps of Bisha

The same pursuit of the cheekbones led the girls to the surgeon. One manipulation - and there you have sunken cheeks and a languid look. But, firstly, not everyone faces such a hollow, and secondly, young women after the procedure are faced with a rapid sagging of the skin. After all, Bisha's lumps support her with ptosis. The lumps cannot be returned back, so the problem had to be corrected only with an operating lift.

If you absolutely want to be like Maleficent, use the contouring technique. She, of course, is also not in trend, but at least it does not lead to irreversible consequences.

Here's where you can learn: How to do face contouring correctly? Educational video from Elena Krygina

A pointy chin

Who does not want to make their face more graceful, especially if it is so accessible, and a bunch of celebrities have already done such a procedure. Someone really benefited, and many faces turned into an iron. In addition, an elongated chin often looks rough and looks like a separate part of the face.

Try experimenting with toning. Use the sculptor to darken the area under the chin and along the contour (from the middle of the chin to the earlobe).

And here you can look at other examples: The stars who made chin plastics: who became a beauty, and who was a bogeyman?

Filling the nasolabial folds

Cosmetologists admitted that it was a mistake to inject fillers into this area. The anatomy of our face suggests a depression in this place. And if you fill the age nasolabe "to the brim", your face will turn out to be flat and unnatural.

The only chance to get rid of these folds is to inject a filler into the cheekbones. But here again it is advisable to re-read the second paragraph of our article so as not to fall into another trap.

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