For Newbies To Beauty: What Beauty Blogs To Watch On YouTube

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For Newbies To Beauty: What Beauty Blogs To Watch On YouTube
For Newbies To Beauty: What Beauty Blogs To Watch On YouTube

Video: For Newbies To Beauty: What Beauty Blogs To Watch On YouTube

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For newbies to beauty: what beauty blogs to watch on YouTube


Have you decided to dive into the world of beauty, study the market, skin types, learn all about care and make-up, but don't know where to start? We will help! We have collected for you YouTube channels of popular beauty bloggers who talk about the rules of skin and hair care, make reviews of cosmetics and teach you how to create makeup of any complexity. Subscribe soon!

Adel Miftakhova

You've probably heard of Adele - she has the most popular telegram channel about skin care and cosmetics. But the blogger also has a YouTube channel. For him, Adel shoots videos about the rules for caring for different types of skin, analyzes the compositions of cosmetics, destroys popular beauty myths and talks about active ingredients. Her channel will definitely help you learn more about your skin type and how to maintain it in perfect condition.

Klava curly

If you have curly and wavy hair, it's time to subscribe to Klava Curly's YouTube channel.

For about two years now, the girl has been recording a video in which she talks about the main mistakes in caring for curls, shares her personal experience, suitable means and life hacks in styling unruly hair. When Klava records a new video, she always consults with a trichologist-dermatologists-dermatologists and chemists to give subscribers only verified reliable information.

Elena Krygina

Do you want to learn how to paint from scratch and use just a few tools for a cool make-up? Then you are definitely on the Elena Krygina channel! A makeup artist and beauty expert has been laying out makeup tutorials since 2014, and it seems that you can find everything among them: life hacks, how to make perfect arrows, and rules for day and evening makeup, and tips for contouring. All Lena's videos are detailed and understandable, so even if you can only dye your eyelashes, you will definitely master the most difficult make-up in a month.

Rosie huntington-whiteley

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can also be attributed to beauty bloggers, if only because she has a popular YouTube channel (203 thousand subscribers) about beauty. Rosie has problem skin, so the videos about daily care are the most on her channel - in them you can find effective remedies and tips on how to cope with inflammation. All cosmetics of the model are selected by a dermatologist, so her recommendations can be trusted. And Rosie is doing cool makeup - lessons of daytime and evening makeup appear on the channel, which is very easy to repeat. In order to watch the video of the model, it is not necessary to know English - you can always turn on Russian subtitles.

Gev Mua

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Gevorg definitely makes the coolest cosmetics reviews - he examines the pros and cons of budget and expensive funds. Therefore, before you buy any new product, you should see what the makeup artist said about it. And every Gevorg makeup (complex and cool) is a real work of art.

Samantha ravndahl

Another channel for those who like to watch videos in English.

A girl from Canada is one of the most sought-after bloggers who speak openly about acne: since 2013, she has been filming a video about the treatment of the disease, sharing care tips, consulting with dermatologists, talking about skin hygiene, effective remedies and much more.

Therefore, if your skin is problematic, perhaps you will find a lot of useful things on Samantha's channel.

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