Who Said Meow? The Stars Who Turned Into Cat Women

Who Said Meow? The Stars Who Turned Into Cat Women
Who Said Meow? The Stars Who Turned Into Cat Women

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Famous beauties are increasingly resorting to plastic surgery in an attempt to stop aging. As a result of numerous facelifts, their faces lose their uniqueness, acquiring feline features. Actresses, singers and models are becoming alike, following a new fashion trend with slanted eyes and prominent cheekbones. See how the transformation of stars into cat women occurs, further in our material. "Feline" faces are increasingly appearing on magazine covers and on TV screens. Recently, Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles with slanted eyes, which once again confirmed the emergence of a new fashion trend.


Many stars have gradually turned into cat women, having lost their former identity. Famous beauties achieve a fashionable effect with makeup, hairstyles and plastic surgery. As a result, they look more and more like each other.

Victoria Beckham began to smile mysteriously after acquiring a new "feline" look

The vocalist of The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger has become fully consistent with the name of the group

Supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen is getting younger every year

UK Talent Seeking Judge Amanda Joins Celebrity Catwoman Company

Singer Katie Price has changed almost beyond recognition

Singer Melanie Brown radically changed her image

Celebrity photos prove that fashion is contagious. Running away from wrinkles and old age, you can lose your uniqueness, turning into one of the same type of female cats. The main thing is that the stars stop in time and do not change beyond recognition.

Plastic surgery can be addictive. Some people cannot stop on the path to perfection and turn into silicone dolls.

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