Four Types Of Erotic Massage

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Four Types Of Erotic Massage
Four Types Of Erotic Massage

Video: Four Types Of Erotic Massage

Video: Four Types Of Erotic Massage
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Erotic massage will help those couples in whom the former fire and passion have extinguished. Even if you have no problems in your relationship, you can always add a bit of variety. Your man will definitely be pleasantly surprised and will warmly thank you for an unexpected surprise. Therefore, Rambler decided to talk about the types of erotic massage.

Thai massage

This massage is done using oils. Its peculiarity is that in the process maximum attention is paid to all parts of the body, especially the erogenous zones of the partner.

French massage

Its distinguishing feature is kisses and hugs. You should sprinkle kisses on your partner's body, while paying special attention to hot breath. This should be done slowly, in the process, you can also drive your tongue over the body.

Aquapoam or aquagel massage

During this massage, a special foam is used. Thanks to it, your hands will glide better over the skin, which will give a very stimulating effect.

Tantric massage

This is one of the most unusual types of massage. Both partners should be involved in the process - smooth and sensual movements should be performed, touching the bodies and getting rid of clothes. In addition, with tantric massage, active massaging of the genitals is performed.