Grandfather Frost's Residence Opens In Bolsherechye

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Grandfather Frost's Residence Opens In Bolsherechye
Grandfather Frost's Residence Opens In Bolsherechye

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Grandfather Frost's Residence opens in Bolsherechye

The main wizard of the New Year is waiting for Omsk residents until January 31st

Today, December 15, in Bolsherechye in the historical and cultural center "Starina Sibirskaya", where real winter weather has established, the Residence of Father Frost opens. For the guests of the unique complex, a large theatrical show is prepared, as well as many outdoor games. They will help fight the cold - almost all festive events will take place outside.

On New Year's Eve, the heroes of Russian fairy tales come to life here: Baba Yaga, Kikimora, Nightingale the Robber, Leshy. And in the palace of Santa Claus, decorated with fine carvings, the atmosphere of old fairy tales is recreated. Here you can see New Year's gifts created by the hands of children, look in the magic mirror of the Snow Maiden.

Metball promises to be one of the most interesting tests - a fabulous sport is a ball race with brooms.

According to the organizers, this creative project, which has been going on for several years, is in demand among visitors, since it unites different generations and is aimed at reviving family values.

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Sergey Mikhnevich.


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