How The Frankly Ugly Sarah Jessica Parker Became The Star Of Sex And The City

How The Frankly Ugly Sarah Jessica Parker Became The Star Of Sex And The City
How The Frankly Ugly Sarah Jessica Parker Became The Star Of Sex And The City

Video: How The Frankly Ugly Sarah Jessica Parker Became The Star Of Sex And The City

Video: Sarah Jessica Parker Explains The Plot Of "Sex & The City" | Late Night with Conan O’Brien 2022, November

The series "Sex and the City" became the most notable work in the work of Sarah Jessica Parker. She starred before, but they began to recognize her only after she appeared on the screens in the role of Carrie Bradshaw.


The most unsexual woman alive today


Sarah Jessica never considered herself a beauty, but this did not stop her from always reacting sharply to negative assessments of her appearance from other people. Once, in 2007, she even almost retired from the world, learning that the readers of the popular magazine "Maxim" recognized her as the most non-sexual of the living women.

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There is life after "Sex"! The stars of the series "Sex and the City": where are they now This is still the best TV series about adult girls: each of us at least once tried on the image of Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte or Carrie, dreamed of the same breathtaking outfits, the same chic lunches and about the same stormy sex life. Girls have grown up a long time ago, but they are not slowing down - which means they remain exemplary role models.

Three years later, Sarah was portrayed as ugly in the provocative but very popular animated series Southpark. Many stars are just happy about such popularity. But there is nothing more offensive than the truth, so Sarah also took this attack on her appearance hard.

Appearance is not a hindrance to happiness, and Sarah proved it.


The complex due to her appearance did not prevent Sarah from having high-profile novels, meeting handsome men, including Downey Jr. and John, the son of President Kennedy. Likewise, appearance did not prevent her from getting married and starting a large family. With the help of a surrogate mother, but still.

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Konstantin Sargsyan is a film director, writer and psychologist. We invited him to talk about how ugliness can be turned into dignity. And what is needed for this, in addition to going to Hollywood and starring in a film.

According to the psychologist, Sarah Jessica's character is a strong woman


Constantine believes that Sarah as Carrie Bradshaw is the personification of all those strong women who are suddenly left alone and begin to look in the mirror with the thought:

“She personifies all those women who dream of a prince on a white horse. Such women are thrown overboard in social life. Here they develop inferiority complexes, which lead to the axiom "I am not needed by anyone."

Unfortunately, the image of a plastic barbie is now being cultivated: a pumped-up, pumped-up silicone beauty. It seems to women that if you do everything the same way, then your personal life will immediately be arranged. This is an illusion."

There is no such thing as "absolute beauty"


In general, the psychologist defines beauty as a relative concept. He says beauty is what gets attention.

“There is no such standard of beauty for all of us to understand that this is beautiful! A woman should be well-groomed. This is the most important thing for a woman. When a woman is attractive, she is well-groomed. Women are all different: the figure and shape of the nose, eyebrows, lips are all completely different. But the only thing that repels a woman is her neglect."

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Sarah Jessica Parker walks around New York in bright pajamas 53-year-old actress reminded of Carrie Bradshaw's style.

What do you mean when you talk about grooming? Should a woman wear her hair and nail polish? Eyebrows need to be done?

"No. A woman just has to remember that hair has the property of becoming greasy, there is the concept of nail care. And it is absolutely not necessary to apply varnish: it is enough to have clean, well-groomed hands with neat nails.I’m probably talking about banal hygiene, but believe me, this is the most important thing.”

"All women are susceptible to signs of attention"


The psychologist considers the renewal of the wardrobe, and indeed the receipt of gifts, to be no less important in improving female beauty. At such moments, a woman blooms.

“A joyful woman is also a beautiful woman. A man should understand that a woman should be pampered. No matter how inflated with Botox-silicones a woman is, no matter how wide her eyebrows she draws on herself, but if she has a sullen face, then all efforts are in vain: it repels."

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Sargsyan says that being positive is a huge step towards recognizing a woman as a beauty.

“The plus point of Sarah Jessica Parker is that she is real. She is not some kind of pumped-up phyto-baby, carrot, standard. She is real, alive, she is what she is.

Her only negative is that she is sad in life. Her Carrie Bradshaw is also always sad and lonely, the man of her dreams is not with her, she is all such a lonely sufferer So I always tell women one thing: loneliness is a very far-fetched concept. It does not exist!"

The secret of attractiveness is most often in naturalness.


Is there anything besides hair, skin and nail care that will make an ugly woman beautiful?

“Of course, why not? But you need to remember this: there are insanely beautiful women who perfectly present themselves without makeup. And there are women who put on makeup - well, that's it, you can already watch it. It's all so relative!

Sarah Jessica Parker has very expressive eyes and it is not necessary to emphasize them with make-up. Add here naturally lying curls and a breast not burdened with implants, and now we have a complete image of a woman with natural beauty. This is what Sarah Jessica takes."


Konstantin admitted that he himself is not seduced by silicone beauties. Moreover, he does not like thin women. He is not looking for a psychological background in this, he simply says that there is no comrade in taste and color.

“We admire beauty. In order to arouse admiration, you need to learn to admire yourself, first of all. You cannot admire everything in the set - find something in yourself that will delight you. In my life I will not believe that a woman will not find something to admire in herself!

If you can't find the outside - find the inside! And even if you are not beautiful outwardly, then your inner beauty will evoke admiration. This means that this inner love will allow you to become happier."

Unfortunately, beauty is more than admirable


We talked with Svetlana Svetlichnaya, an actress whom the whole USSR knew from the phrase "I'm not guilty - he came himself!" Well, and because she appeared on the screen in a scandalous and erotic form.

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"I don't eat anything and I'm losing weight": Svetlichnaya shared her beauty secret The star of the film "Diamond Hand" became a guest at the opening ceremony of the VII Moscow Festival of Gardens and Flowers Moscow Flower Show. The legendary actress surprised again in a spectacular way.

Svetlana Afanasyevna said that she always knew that she was beautiful. But she always knew that her beauty stood in her way. And the first trouble that beauty brings is envy.

“I knew I was beautiful. But it often seemed to me that I was too extolled, over-praised. I did not suffer from star fever, and already being aged, I understand that this saved me from so many stupidities.

You know, now I am looking at the memories of Nachalova Yulenka and I understand that it is very difficult to live life for outwardly beautiful people. This is, first of all, envy. This black negative energy does not pass without leaving a trace - it eats. She clings and does not allow breathing, dreaming, or creating.It's like poisoning a person and poisoning slowly."

In the Soviet Union, Svetlichnaya admired and envied her


Svetlichnaya knows firsthand about human envy and how it affects a person. Svetlana Afanasyevna has to live under the constant pressure of this dead energy.

“I have been accompanied by envy all my life, even today. Only now women of my era envy me and also those who are associated with creativity.

The longer I live, the easier it is to deal with it. I pay less attention to this evil, and pay more attention to myself. I mean the cultivation of those good, kind qualities that arose within me during my life. It helps".

How many times she was not invited to the role with the resolution "Too beautiful!"


The actress says that the awareness of her own beauty made her be too picky and capricious even where it was unacceptable. She feels underestimated, but believes that she herself is to some extent to blame.

“Somewhere they didn’t get enough, somewhere they didn’t get enough. I refused roles: I didn’t like the way the director looked at me, then I didn’t like my partner. In general, she was picky. I wanted Alain Delon to be right next to me."

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Real Cinderella: Sarah Jessica Parker in a fabulous dress came out with her husband The star of "Sex and the City" attended the opening of the ballet season in New York. Sarah Jessica Parker once again proved that she has an impeccable sense of style.

In general, it's hard to be a woman. If a woman is beautiful, she will be destroyed by someone else's envy. If she is ugly, a woman will do an excellent job of self-destruction.

Probably, it's just worth thinking: what good is it to eat yourself by eating? And if there is nothing good, then why suffer? New dress, handbag, stylist, smile, spring and funny reflections in shop windows. Further more.

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