You Can Scare Children: Stars With A Bitchy Face

You Can Scare Children: Stars With A Bitchy Face
You Can Scare Children: Stars With A Bitchy Face

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Surely you have met women who always seem to look down on others. From the outside they look like those little bitches, but when they meet they turn out to be real darlings. This phenomenon is called "bitchy face syndrome." This is when a person looks gloomy and unfriendly even in moments of complete relaxation. Typical signs: a sullen gaze, raised or raised eyebrows, pursed lips. Our today's star heroines are just one of those!


Victoria Beckham

Finding pictures of smiling Vicky takes a lot of effort. The singer's calling card: pursed lips, a slight squint and piercing gaze. Beckham once admitted that she was so used to making a serious face in the light that she could not get rid of it. Poor fellow!

In life, Victoria, of course, is not a bitch, but a purposeful woman and a good mother. And although the "bitchy face" makes fans suspect the footballer's wife of misfortune, Beckham herself calls herself a happy and fulfilling person. And we have no doubts.

Christina Ricci

Remember the girl from The Addams Family? Christina Ricci already had a hard look as a child, so she was the best fit for the role of Wednesday Addams. Now the actress is 40, and she is still distinguished by her trademark pursed lips and a cold look.

According to the recollections of acquaintances, in childhood, Christina, indeed, was quite peculiar - the specific work of her father affected (he was a psychoanalyst and practiced at home, right in front of his daughter's room). With age, Christina began to open up more to people, but her character is still called complex. Although, if you look at the photos where Ricci smiles, you can be moved - she is a real honey!

Did you know that you can tell by a smile how old you are? If not, then read: 4 sure signs that a smile betrays our age.

Bella Hadid

Who would have thought that the perfect face in the golden ratio is a bitchy one! Bella Hadid from the outside can not be called gloomy, but arrogant - quite. This is facilitated by the raised corners of the eyebrows (and we remember that the model had the operation), the absence of cheeks and the shape of the lips.

Bella's character has nothing to do with the coldness that exudes from her from the catwalk photos. In life, Hadid is very simple, affable and not afraid of simple human work.

And every now and then inspires fans: Bella Hadid showed simple makeup that acts like a magnet on men.

Natalia Andreichenko

The actress, who won the audience's love after the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye", is also ranked as a woman with a bitchy face. In the photo in her youth, Natalya always looks a little arrogant. This is facilitated by thin lips and an arrogant look. Now there is no trace of Andreichenko's corporate expression - the actress has changed beyond recognition after unsuccessful plastic surgery.

In life, calling Natalia gloomy will not turn her tongue: in numerous interviews, a woman is always cheerful, open and happy to answer questions.

These celebrities also distinguished themselves by an unsuccessful transformation: They wanted the best, it turned out Loboda: stars who played with plastic.

Alena Vodonaeva

The participant of the show "Dom-2" has the classic "look of a bitch": raised eyebrows and slightly drooping eyelids. Add to this sunken cheeks and a humped nose - you get an arrogant expression on Vodonaeva's face.

This is the case when the bitchy face fully reflects the character of the girl! Alena has been associated with scandals since the days of the project, and after leaving, she now and then participates in conflicts. Either he will offend overweight people, or he will scold Ksenia Borodina. Such are the things.

Look what Alena and other stars have done with their appearance: the ball was blown away! The stars who have reduced their breasts are very happy about it.

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