4 Beauty Secrets Of Actress Sophie Marceau That All French Women Appreciate

4 Beauty Secrets Of Actress Sophie Marceau That All French Women Appreciate
4 Beauty Secrets Of Actress Sophie Marceau That All French Women Appreciate

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One of the brightest stars of French cinema, Sophie Marceau became famous at the age of 14, when the director of the romantic comedy "Boom" Claude Pinoto approved her, while still a schoolgirl, for the lead role in his film. The entire Fifth Republic fell in love with her instantly, and viewers were eagerly awaiting each new appearance of the actress on the big screen. Very soon Marceau played along with Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve, then accepted the proposal of the hand and heart of the Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, and his picture "My nights are more beautiful than your days" turned the young lady into a sex symbol of France. Many years have passed since then - Sophie is already 54 years old, but she still looks perfect. How does she do it?

In her younger years, Sophie Marceau was given the title of "French Orchid", she was called the most sensual actress of our time. This beauty and sexuality, recognized all over the world, the star really proudly carries to this day. She has two children. She has never resorted to the help of plastic surgery, does not spend everyday life in a beautician's chair, and even in cosmetics stores she is not at all a frequent visitor. The French star has several secrets that help her maintain youth and beauty over the years, and they are very simple and natural, like Marceau herself.

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Secret 1. Olive oil for facial skin care

Olive oil, or as it is also called "liquid gold", is not only the best salad dressing, but also an excellent skin care product. It can have the most beneficial effect on it, because it contains oleic acid, provitamin A, vitamin E, flavonoids. In ancient times in Europe and Central Asia, women used olive oil on their skin after exercising to restore balance. Liquid Gold nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin. In today's world, cosmetic firms use olive oil to produce creams and face masks.

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The beauty Sophie Marceau has dry skin from a young age, this type of epidermis is more prone to wrinkles than others. Therefore, the actress, knowing about the beneficial properties of olive oil, uses it to moisturize.

With dry skin, and in general in winter, when many suffer from flaking, irritation and redness, a mask based on olive oil and onions will be your SOS remedy. First, put the unpeeled onion in the oven for half an hour, then chop it in a blender. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and honey in the same proportion. The mask should be applied to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Secret 2. Refusal of ultraviolet radiation

Sexy tan or aristocratic pallor? Aesthetics are ready to argue forever on this topic, however, if you adhere to the "tanned" position, remember that beauty in this case can be quite short-term: the skin will tan and begin to age faster. Sophie Marceau understands this perfectly, so she prefers to avoid being in direct sunlight, and even more so she is not fond of sunbathing. It has long been proven by scientists: tanning is a natural reaction of the epidermis to ultraviolet light, or rather, a protective reaction.

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And what is most important: exposure to UV rays has a cumulative effect, the skin "remembers" everything, respectively, each subsequent tan has a destructive effect on its cells. And if we are talking about beauty, then it is due to the influence of ultraviolet radiation that wrinkles appear.It is especially harmful for a person who is exposed to this negative effect at any time of the year, not only in summer, therefore, to maintain youth, it is important to use cosmetics with an SPF factor.

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Secret 3. Natural makeup or lack thereof

A little after noon. Cafe in the center of Moscow. A girl with evening make-up sits at a table and, having dinner with Greek salad, is talking on the phone. Her smoky eyes are the first thing that catches your eye in a restaurant. Sound familiar? Many modern women almost go to bed with such a make-up, forgetting that in fact, bright makeup can make even a 3rd year student noticeably older. Sophie Marceau never made their mistakes. The Frenchwoman agrees to "war paint" only during filming. In everyday life, the actress either generally takes a break from makeup, or applies the most natural one: pink blush, transparent shine, concealer, mascara. By the way, Sophie took part in a photo shoot for the campaign of Elle Stars sans Fards magazine (stars without makeup).

The actress advises: try to move away from the bright make-up and you will feel how much easier it will be for your skin to breathe. And, besides, a minimum of decorative cosmetics on your face means that you have absolutely nothing to hide behind its layers, and naturalness, of course, refreshes and rejuvenates.

Bitter Peach from the Private Blend collection, Tom Ford, seductive nectar of ripe sweet fruits opens with mouth-watering notes of peach and Sicilian red orange oil. The pungency of the spicy cardamom oil seems to evoke a juicy and ripe flesh on the tongue. In the heart - bitter notes of heliotrope and wormwood oil, shades of rum absolute and cognac oil, Arabian jasmine absolute. The base contains absolutes of sandalwood, benzoin gum and cashmeran, as well as notes of vanilla, tonka bean and Indonesian patchouli. Price: 27,300 rubles.

Glow & Go baked highlighter !, Eveline Cosmetics, perfect for daily makeup and use throughout the day. Immediately gives the skin a multidimensional radiance. A high concentration of iridescent particles will highlight the contours of the face and revitalize the skin with natural light. Price: 349 rubles.

Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense, Jo Malone London. The novelty of the brand is striking in its charm. The composition is inspired by the extravagant and exotic beauty of scarlet poppies growing in the wide Asian steppes. The aroma takes on a luxurious sweetness thanks to the notes of barley and tonka beans, while the juicy accord of figs makes it attractive. Price on request.

Dark Oil, Sebastian Professional, contains exquisite natural nourishing hair from the inside, increasing its density and making it easier to style. The oil cares for the hair, giving it volume and shine. The product is evenly applied to the hair and absorbs instantly, making the hair twice smoother, while this effect lasts up to 48 hours. Price: 1149 rubles.

Thermoactive mask with massage stone Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond, Estee Lauder, a thick cream mask applied with a ceramic stone massage applicator, melts on the skin, creating a light silky finish saturated with luxurious oils. The high-tech formula of the mask with truffle activates the vital energy of the skin, deeply moisturizing, smoothing and tightening it. Price: 27,050 rubles.

Lamellar water Rinse Shine High Amplify, MATRIX, thanks to its weightless formula, instantly transforms and detangles even the most unruly strands in just 8 seconds, giving your hair incredible shine, elasticity and softness. Price: 1400 rubles.

Moisturizing sunscreen fluid SPF-40 Sun Shade, ARAVIA Professional. A professional moisturizing sunscreen fluid with a high UVA and UVB protection factor, ideal for use in cosmetic procedures, as well as for daily use in the city and on the beach. Waterproof formula. Price: 1590 rubles.

Tecni.Art Constructor Texturing Spray, L'Oreal Professionnel, is suitable for creating textured volumetric styling. It is activated by heat.Allows you to simulate or demodulate styling. Price: 1070 rubles.

The True Skin Hydrating Foundation, Catrice, is a nurturing and long-wearing foundation with a medium to heavy coverage that adjusts to skin characteristics, delicately conceals minor imperfections, conceals redness and provides a light, natural matte finish. Vegan formula with hyaluronic acid and watermelon seed oil provides intense hydration throughout the day. Price: 679 rubles.

Tip 4. Do not deny yourself delicious food

Sophie Marceau has never been on a diet. As the actress admits, she just does not suffer from gluttony. The Frenchwoman prefers not to deny herself her favorite foods: she eats everything, but little by little. She mainly chooses vegetables, fish, cereals for breakfast. The actress does not eat meat, fast food, sweets at all. The exception is dark chocolate. In addition, Marceau does not neglect a couple of glasses of dry wine with cheese, if he is in the mood for that. According to nutritionists, this position is correct from the point of view of maintaining harmony: refusals and prohibitions entail breakdowns. Psychologically, it is very difficult for a person to completely abandon their favorite foods. The famous Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov shares the principle of Sophie Marceau and recommends allowing himself everything, but in moderation. It is difficult to disagree, because sometimes you can overeat and healthy food. The main thing is to stop on time!

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