Mönchengladbach Limp Lost To Manchester City. Why Is It Bad For Dortmund

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Mönchengladbach Limp Lost To Manchester City. Why Is It Bad For Dortmund
Mönchengladbach Limp Lost To Manchester City. Why Is It Bad For Dortmund

Video: Mönchengladbach Limp Lost To Manchester City. Why Is It Bad For Dortmund

Video: Mönchengladbach Limp Lost To Manchester City. Why Is It Bad For Dortmund
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New trends are emerging for German football in Europe. This could be seen in the first matches of the Champions League playoffs.

Firstly, they haven’t played in Germany yet. However, if the games in Munich and Dortmund are simply planned in the return stage, then Leipzig and Mönchengladbach still planned to host rivals. However, German restrictions due to the British strain of the coronavirus sent both teams to Budapest to play with the British on a neutral pitch.

The second trend is to enter the field with a kind of traitor in the application. At Leipzig, Dayo Upamecano has already paved the way for Bayern. For the time being, the Munichites themselves have pricked up their skis just from the club David Alaba. Borussia from Mönchengladbach went further - their head coach leaves at the end of the season.

Marco Rose has already been presented as the future head coach of Borussia Dortmund a week and a half before the match with City. The Bumblebees activated a kind of buyback option and left their colleagues from Mönchengladbach in an unpleasant situation. Immediately there was talk that unrest began in Gladbach's locker room, and the coach himself had to publicly disown some potential atrocities. For example, he promised not to lure Mönchengladbach's players to Dortmund.

True, according to the match with City, hardly anyone could be especially interested in the more famous Borussia. Manchester seized the ball and the initiative. Mönchengladbach relied on pressure, trying to grip the opponent in the squares, but Pep Guardiola adjusted the passing game so much, taking advantage of the high level of his players, that even the four of the hosts could not force the opponent's player to make mistakes.

At the same time, City focused mainly on pre-goal moments. Then Sterling or Foden will be in a good position on the flank. Then, on the approaches to the penalty area, the ball will be under attack from Gundogan. It just looms some kind of prospect for a perepasovka or a rare quick attack. However, this did not lead to full-fledged moments, or even to shots on goal.

Bernardo Silva's goal is, in fact, the first intelligible moment with a shot at the goal of Borussia. A special glamor in the pass to João Canselo, who once again demonstrated the broad powers of Guardiola's full-backs. The second goal, running ahead, was built by the Portuguese speakers practically according to the same pattern. They just added one more touch - under the oncoming Jesus.

What did Borussia create in response? Very often, especially during the first half, there was a feeling that now someone from the German team would pierce the defense and run away along the vacated corridor. But everyone striving into such a zone passed at the last moment someone from the defenders of "City", then intercepted Ederson.

Against the backdrop of frolicking Borussia Dortmund, mocking Bayern Munich and trying Leipzig, Monchengladbach appeared so far the weakest of all German teams in the 1/8 finals. In fact, it was only in the last seconds that the team had the first real moment. Didn't Dortmund rush to choose a new head coach?

Champions League. 1/8 finals. The first match

Borussia (Monchengladbach, Germany) - Manchester City (England) - 0: 2

Borussia: Sommer - Liner (Lazaro, 63), Ginter, Elvedi, Bensebaini - Zakaria, Kramer, Neuhaus - Hofmann (Wolf, 87), Stindl (Embolo, 74), Plea (Thuram, 63)

"Manchester city": Ederson - Walker, Dias, Laporte, Canselo - Rodri, Gundgan - Sterling (Marez, 69), Silva, Foden (Torres, 80) - Jesus (Aguero, 80)

Goals: Silva, 29; Jesus, 65

Warnings: – / –

Referee: Arthur Soares Dias (Portugal)

24 February. Budapest. "Pushkash Arena"

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