How Bonya, Karpovich And Other Stars "repair" Their Faces

How Bonya, Karpovich And Other Stars "repair" Their Faces
How Bonya, Karpovich And Other Stars "repair" Their Faces

Some admit this themselves, and in the case of others, our expert, plastic surgeon Nikolai Grigoryak explains their transformation. Victoria Bonya, 40 years old

The ex-participant of "House-2" now makes a living, including lectures on how to become beautiful, successful and rich. And recently, Vika has been giving video lessons: she teaches women gymnastics for the face, assuring that her perfect skin without wrinkles is the result of exclusively these exercises.

The other day, Bonya remembered about past experiences associated with blepharoplasty and beauty injections: “I never hid that I had injections and that after them there was a terrible asymmetry. That the hernia under the eyes was removed from the inside, without seams, and that after that the eyes fell through terribly."

However, subscribers still do not believe that now Victoria is rejuvenating exclusively by gymnastics. Natasha Koroleva, 47 years old

This singer has recently been surprising with photographs in which she looks younger and younger day by day. Followers on Instagram: what is it - photoshop, successful makeup or plastic? But the photo without makeup put everything in its place.

Our expert believes: The assumptions about rhinoplasty were made due to the fact that the singer changed her makeup technique. The tip of the nose appears to be shorter also due to the different angles. All other visible changes in the photo without makeup due to cosmetic procedures. Hardware and injection cosmetology is now really working wonders that we see on the face of the Queen. Tightened oval, no nasolabials, smoothed wrinkles and disappeared ptosis (abnormally low position of the eyelid in relation to the eyeball) rejuvenate by 10 years. Ksenia Borodina, 37 years old

The presenter of "House-2" never admitted that she had enlarged her breasts, you can draw conclusions yourself from these photos. But she did not deny the obvious changes on her face.

Ksenia visits a beautician in one of the most expensive beauty salons in the capital and models her face using a set of procedures, which the host recently announced: "Massage, cleansing, hardware cosmetology, masks, botox, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, microcurrents."

Earlier, the stars had one way of rejuvenation - lifting and blepharoplasty, which often turned out to be not very successful from an aesthetic point of view, results (remember Tatyana Dogileva, Tatyana Vedeneeva, Vera Alentova and others). Now injections and hardware procedures tighten the oval of the face, improve the quality of the skin, get rid of folds and wrinkles, ptosis and flews. Miroslava Karpovich, 34 years old

This summer, the star of "Daddy's Daughters" became the most talked about actress in the gossip column. We remember her chubby cheeks in the series, and now Miroslava has expressive cheekbones and sunken cheeks. How is this possible? The expert explains: “Such dramatic changes have occurred due to the removal of Bish's lumps. The face has become more structured, the cheekbones are more defined. This small operation changes the face a lot."

Bisha's lumps are fatty tissue formations located in the fascial sheath between the buccal muscle and the superficial muscles of the face. The operation to remove them takes about 30 minutes, is carried out with local anesthesia, all manipulations are performed through incisions on the inside of the cheeks.

This is one of the most popular operations for stars - this is how they correct the oval of the face, highlighting the projection of the lower contour of the zygomatic zone, creating the effect of retracted cheeks, reducing their roundness.

Plastic surgeon Nikolay GRIGORYAK. Photo: personal archive Information: Plastic surgeon Nikolai GRIGORYAK - graduated from the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov, works as a plastic surgeon at the Moscow clinic of aesthetic medicine Soho Clinic. He specializes in breast plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, periorbitoplasty.

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