"Shameful" Diseases That Celebrities Hid From Fans

"Shameful" Diseases That Celebrities Hid From Fans
"Shameful" Diseases That Celebrities Hid From Fans

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The stars in fact turn out to be ordinary people who can be struck just as suddenly by some "shameful disease". Of course, they throw all their strength into fighting the disease and try not to spread about it.

Baldness of Alena Shishkova

A year ago Alena Shishkova had a serious trouble. The model's hair fell into a deplorable state - it became sparse, brittle, and blackened. The girl had to wear wigs, since there was nothing to even extend.

Then Alena seriously took up the vegetation on her head - she rubbed the pepper tincture, made meso and plasma. For a whole year, ex-lover Timati treated her hair, and, finally, they got stronger and began to grow. Alena made the build-up again.

As the model admits, it came to the ridiculous. She advertised care products (balms, shampoos), and she herself wore a wig and restored her hair.

Anna Semenovich's gigantomastia

In early December, Anna Semenovich admitted that a large breast size gives her a lot of inconvenience. The reason for this is a genetic disease - gigantomastia, which both the artist's mother and grandmother faced.

The diagnosis is made if one breast weighs more than 2.5 kg, and the size is more than 6. The disease consists in the abnormal growth of the mammary glands.

The singer has already gone under the surgeon's knife. Then she reduced her breasts from size 9 to size 5, but after a few months the bust increased again to size 6 and continues to grow.

Anna even once showed users the process of growing her famous breasts. Semenovich spoke about the problem itself in the "Secret for a Million" program with Lera Kudryavtseva:

Bad skin of Elena Temnikova

For several years, Elena Temnikova struggled with problem skin: acne, increased fat content. She was so shy about her appearance that she practically stopped publishing, and she heavily processed the photographs.

The first signs of the disease appeared 3 years ago after severe stress. The bumps on the face disappeared after the vacation, but a little later they showed themselves with renewed vigor. They were huge, closed boils that could not even be squeezed out.

No means helped. The artist, even at the risk of her own life, used a dangerous "rokutane", the prescription for which was issued by a doctor in a Swiss clinic. However, neither medication nor a strict diet helped.

The problem was solved by the stem cell transplant procedure: fat was removed from the abdomen, the stem cells were removed and injected into the cheeks. Elena's skin was radically transformed, and there was no trace of huge inflammations and scars.

Now Temnikova is satisfied with her appearance, but domestic dermatologists do not share her joy, because the procedure has a number of serious consequences.

She told about the transformation of Temnikova on the youtube show of Nastya Ivleeva:

Post-traumatic syndrome MakSim

A couple of years ago, singer Maria Maksimova had a serious accident and was treated for a long time. A few months later MakSim reappeared in public, but her appearance left much to be desired: a swollen face, noticeable scars. Then they even talked about the singer's alcoholism.

After the director of the artist announced that Marina was taking a break, since the doctors had forbidden her to work. For a long time in the personal micro-blog Maximova did not appear fresh photos, and all the old pictures were deleted. Information about the general well-being of the singer was only occasionally reported by agent Margarita Sokolova.

New photos on Instagram of MakSim herself began to appear only a month ago. The fans were glad, because the artist lost weight, prettier and started talking about her return to the stage.

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