Crazy Beauty Trends That Will Be Remembered For 2020

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Crazy Beauty Trends That Will Be Remembered For 2020
Crazy Beauty Trends That Will Be Remembered For 2020

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The year 2020 "pleased" us not only with a long stay at home in quarantine, but also with a large number of extravagant trends that, surprisingly, began to spread like a virus. Some of these oddities, we will eventually cease to be surprised, while others deserve to remain forever only in our memory. We have compiled a top of the crazy beauty trends that marked the outgoing year.

Eyebrow lifting with threads

Bella Hadid has always been one of the highest paid and popular models, but it was in the past year that her type of appearance and the famous "fox eyes" reached their utmost popularity. The girls, trying to imitate the supermodel, underwent blepharoplasty to avoid surgery. Cosmetologists tried to make their clients look like Bella Hadid by using threads, lifting eyebrows and eyes to the temples. Thus, the girls' eyes acquired an almond shape, became a little slanting. The eyebrows were visually lengthened, raising them higher and opening the gaze.


This technique was created by Emelyan Braude, as well as the sensational "octopus lips" and "TP lips", which should already be alarming. Some cosmetologists (mainly from the Braude sect) believe that in this way you can achieve the most open gaze by removing the overhanging eyelid without losing your natural femininity. Just remember that such cosmetic procedures are quite dangerous and do not always end well.

Contraceptive shampoos

Suddenly, many bloggers began to actively promote the addition of birth control pills to shampoos, claiming that it helps to make hair more lush and stronger. "The high levels of estrogen in contraceptives strengthens the hair structure," bloggers around the world said. But it was not there. Medical professionals have proven that contraceptive, crushed and added to shampoo, will not affect your hair in any way, because contraceptives are not intended for external use and hair is impervious to them.

It is better to add roots and herbs rich in biotin and B vitamins to your diet, which will really help stimulate hair growth.

Slicer nails

No one has canceled the girls' love for the role of a predatory cat. In 2020, this look was mainly expressed in a special love for long nails, pointed towards the end. And by the word "long" we do not mean 2-3 centimeters, but all 9-10, like Wolverine! Cute cat claws are actively turning into ten blades, which can no longer only create an unforgettable image for the mistress, but also come in handy in everyday life.

Every year in the trends of manicure, the extra-length of nails increasingly prevails. We are afraid to predict what to expect in the new year. Although already now, nail masters offer the same giant nail-cleavers with voluminous stucco molding on the "blade". The process of creation can be just seen in the video below.

Haircut "page"

Hardly anyone would call the trend for the old-fashioned variation of the boyish haircut a la Dima Bilan "long-awaited." When Rihanna first appeared in 2006 with a torn page haircut with long bangs, everyone thought the trend would remain at that time. But at the MTV ceremony in 2012, Rihanna reappeared with a new boy haircut that looked incredible to her! And fashion is back again, and in 2020 stylists have come up with many variations of this unusual short hairstyle. The trend, by the way, was launched again by Rihanna, releasing models with a page hairstyle at the brand's show.

There are a lot of variations of this trend, so now women of fashion do not have to worry that a short haircut will not suit their face oval. The main thing is to choose your model, a good master and not regret the cut, although this is not an easy task in such a strange undertaking.


This "trend" appeared relatively recently, when a beautician from Yekaterinburg began to make cheekbones "like Angelina Jolie's" for her clients, but to her taste. The master completely neglected the proportions and, with the help of fillers, made unnaturally long sharp chins and pronounced cheekbones.


In pursuit of the ideal profile, would-be cosmetologists neglect natural proportions and get terrible "cheekbones-irons". Therefore, it is always worth choosing a master carefully and reviewing reviews and his previous work.

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