Like A Country Lioness: Makeup Mistakes That Age

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Like A Country Lioness: Makeup Mistakes That Age
Like A Country Lioness: Makeup Mistakes That Age

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If you master the secrets of make-up, look younger than your age is easy! But it is even easier to suddenly become older, just a wrong wave of the brush is enough. Let's see what mistakes we make in makeup and stop doing it urgently!

1. Apply too dense a layer of tone

A long time ago, all foundations were dense, thick and after a couple of hours they created an oily shine, which had to be removed with an additional layer of powder. As a result, all fine wrinkles, large pores and peeling became visible.

Today, a dense layer of makeup is appropriate only for artistic photography and in the work of actresses. In real life, the "mask effect" looks sad and eloquently testifies that its creator has no idea about modern cosmetics. Meanwhile, light fluids with reflective particles in combination with the latest generation of correctors work wonders and are able not only to mask minor skin imperfections, but also to rejuvenate it for several years.

2. We paint eyelashes in several layers

"Spider" eyelashes tried to return to fashion, but it turned out rather weak. It is difficult to imagine a more unnatural trend: they are so emanating from the 60s and early 90s, when sloppy eye makeup was simply explained by the lack of high-quality cosmetics.

Stuck on top of each other, lumps of mascara and sticky eyelashes look terribly old-fashioned and automatically add age. Modern means allow you to create an expressive look after just one or two brush strokes. If the effect is not enough, it is better to add eyeliner.

3. We make a few accents in makeup

Hey-hey-hey, the era of crazy disco of the late 70s and exuberant glamor of the 2000s is long gone. If you don't want to look like Sylvester Stallone's mom, don't forget the "eyes or lips" rule. Especially if it's daytime makeup.

Bright lipstick will suit blondes and red-haired girls. Brown-haired women and brunettes can safely focus on the eyelids: a calm smoky in brown tones in combination with a natural shade of lipstick will only rejuvenate. The main thing is not to miss and choose the right colors.

4. We select the wrong shape and color of eyebrows

Clearly defined and densely filled with pigment eyebrows smoothly transfer us to the days of the first experiments with stencil tattooing. Sable madness not only turns you into an aged doll, but also makes you look heavier, making your face stern.

Eyebrow tattooing today is a shading technique and mixing several shades for maximum naturalness. If you are not sure if you know the perfect eyebrow artist, we recommend that you arm yourself with a simple eyebrow pencil. It should be 1-2 tones darker than your hair if you are blonde and 1-2 tones lighter if you are brunette. If you prefer special shadows, apply them in intermittent movements and do not press too hard on the brush.

5. Make the lip contour too dark

Students of the 90s remember very well how they outlined their lips with a dark pencil. Today we understand: this trend looks comical, plus it immediately adds a dozen years.

But too bright or dark lipstick in itself is not scary. Age adds to the mishandling of her. For example, when you put it on too tight or flaky lips. Another common mistake is to combine wine and plum shades with a very light foundation, creating the image of Dracula's grandmother. If you're not planning on Halloween, balance dark lipstick with a blush of the same shade.

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