She Even Danced Before The Yakuza

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She Even Danced Before The Yakuza
She Even Danced Before The Yakuza

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The life of Ani Pavlova is difficult to imagine in a straight line. Or even two parallel ones. By the time she was 31, she managed to unlearn at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, learn six languages, work as a school teacher and translator, and suddenly become the most famous burlesque performer in Russia. Two years ago, Anya moved from Moscow to Berlin. What for? Apparently, all because of the same fear of predestination that haunts her almost from birth. MOSLENTA phoned Anya at the moment when she had just returned from another European tour to understand who she was, whether the philosophers were boring, whether the dancers were naked and whether it was possible to drive up to her, Anya Pavlova, on a crooked goat.

About doping, shit and balance

MOSLENTA: Where did you return from, if not a secret?

Having moved to Berlin, I found that making money without leaving this city is quite difficult. There are too many artists here, and therefore they are paid not to say that very much. So I tour quite a lot, playing here and there. And now I have not been at home for two weeks - I traveled around Germany, I was in Switzerland, in Basel.


As a rule, yes. But sometimes I join as some kind of team.

Life on tour, come on, no sugar?

It used to be hard, yes. I didn't know how to take care of myself at all. And now I have everything under control: I carry with me my favorite books, warm socks, some kind of food. In general, I try to create the most comfortable conditions for myself. But it's still difficult to eat. Endless different people around, different water - you get tired of all this. Moreover, from different water - more.

And there are no colleagues from the girls? They say that any women's team, especially the one in which all the girls are beautiful, is a kind of terrarium

Gadyushnik, you mean?


Nothing like this! These are just super-tired amazing artists, dragging their last strength from one city to another, but at the same time insanely supporting each other.

Tired and plodded? Well, OK. It is not clear just how to look beautiful and sexy at the same time

It's not hard. For me personally, every appearance on the stage is like an opportunity to dive into the ocean of love and adrenaline for a while.

No doping? Well, at least glasses of brandy

What brandy! We are dancers, we cannot spoil the balance. So my dope is a little candy before a show to inject sugar into my blood and cheer up a little. Chat with colleagues. Stretch. Tune in for the good. That's how we live

About parents, the intelligentsia and the fear of predestination

How many years have you been in burlesque?

I have been doing it since 2011, that is, for about eight years.

Decently. But let's first talk about what came before. All the information available about you on the Internet begins with the phrase: studied at Moscow State University. A fact worthy of respect. But what was, if not a secret, before that?


Stu allotropia

I was born in Moscow. She lived on Leninsky Prospekt - between the Akademicheskaya and Universitet stations. My relatives on my mother’s side are employees of the Academy of Sciences, chemists. The grandmother on the father's side was the headmaster of the school, the grandfather was an engineer. I remember that I refused to go to kindergarten, and then spent time with my mother at Moscow State University, then with my father at another institute. It was amazingly interesting! In general, as you understand, it was the appropriate environment, the real Moscow intelligentsia, with which I still have a lot of connections.

Probably, since childhood, you also dreamed of becoming a scientist?

I liked what my family was doing, I liked the atmosphere of the old university buildings, but - I have always been a creative person. I sewed dresses for dolls, sang and danced in front of the mirror, and also, starting from the age of three, I studied English and a bunch of other languages, then I studied well at school and read a huge number of books.

And then, as we already know, we entered the Moscow State University. At the Faculty of Philosophy. What for? Did your parents make you?

Yes, they constantly said that I absolutely needed to study at Moscow State University. Everyone thought that I would become a philologist, because at that time I was learning, it seems, six languages. But I imagined that I would work as a translator until the end of my days, and I was frightened by such a prospect.

And the prospect of becoming a philosopher - no?

I went to the Faculty of Philosophy precisely because I did not want to imagine who I would become in five years. Predestination is boring. It kills any space for growth. So I chose to jump into the unknown. And this was the only such leap in my life, which practically did not lead to anything, although on the whole I had a great five years.

Remember your specialization?

Of course! Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies at the former Department of Scientific Atheism. It was incredibly interesting to study. We studied Latin, Ancient Greek, Church Slavonic.

About bores, Plato and the yakuza

No offense, but the phrase "philosopher girl" is associated (I checked by conducting a survey among friends) with a) gray mouse b) bore c) "nerd". Which of this is about you?

Nothing! It seems to me that these are all stupid stereotypes that have nothing to do with anyone I know and who has a philosophical education. Everyone I studied with is complete rock stars! Smart, cynical, with an incredible lust for life.

How Do Philosophers Kindle?

Consciousness of Plato's dialogues. Therefore, they always have something to talk about. Although personally, my philosophy department completely discouraged the desire to conduct smart conversations until the end, it seems, of my days. I'm full!

Anything from what you studied at Moscow State University remains in your memory today?


Stu allotropia

Yes. We have read so much that it is impossible to forget. And now, living in Germany, I continue to get acquainted with the European cultural heritage, deepen my knowledge. This weekend, for example, when I was in Munich, I found the time and went to the museum to see a collection of antique ceramics. Was cool. What I knew from books suddenly became real and tangible.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but tell me: with such education and knowledge, you are not tormented by the thought that you are surrounded for the most part by fools who can only dance?

Well, listen … Burlesque dancers have very different backgrounds. We all came here from completely different worlds, we have a completely different vision of life, different childhoods, so comparing us is like comparing warm with soft. I have now performed in Oberhausen and Hamburg with two dancers - older than me. One of them, a Japanese woman, performs more than I live. And so she said that when she was about 18, she danced even in front of the yakuza. How can you feel smarter than someone who has such an amazing experience! So let's all agree that I'm just different. And here's another important thing: people who have nothing to say do not go into burlesque. This genre employs those who are always in search, who have their own vision of beauty. A stupid person will not gain a foothold in this environment.

About children, changes and Diet von Teese

By the way: why haven't you settled in the school where you worked as an English teacher?

I went there for two reasons. More precisely, like this: I have two stories on this score, and both of them are true. Here's the first story: I was a terribly insecure girl who, after graduating from university, decided that everything - the fun was over, there was only work, marriage and retirement ahead. I could not even imagine that you can work somewhere else! But there is also a more beautiful story: I decided to pay tribute to society. School, by the way, it's cool! I love working with children, especially with babies - it's fun with them. Although I taught in high school.

Aren't you afraid that some of your former high school students will see your photos from the show? "Don't give a shit to yourself a teacher!" - he will think. And he will be right, because the truth is - no shit to yourself

Now my students are about 24-25 years old. So - let them think, it's not scary anymore, everything is fine.

Anya, and yet.Philosopher, schoolteacher At what stage did something go wrong? When did this cognitive (nice to talk to an intelligent person!) Dissonance appear in your life that fits all of the above and your passion for burlesque?

Dancing appeared in my life in the fifth year. I loved jazz, retro fashion, went to the boogie-woogie, everything started spinning somehow. Plus, at some point, I came across a video of burlesque dancers performing. And suddenly I thought: why not connect my life with this? Because it was difficult to combine. I had a period when I worked at school during the day, then I sat and translated different books and became, and in the evening I danced. I was terribly tired, but I still couldn't make money. And then I, a 24-year-old, again introduced myself, for example, at 45 years old. And I realized: something urgently needed to be changed! Because to imagine at 24 what will happen in 20 years, the worst that can happen to a person. And then I was offered an internship as an assistant art director in Belgium. I went, tried, decided to move, but they didn’t give me a visa, and I stayed in Moscow. And it was then that I began to seriously engage in burlesque.

In those days, could you find a burlesque teacher in Moscow?

I went to different dance camps, where sometimes there were master classes in burlesque. Well, and, of course, I watched a lot of training videos.

From the Dita Von Teese show, for sure?


Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

I have never been a special fan of her. I liked the intros of the 20-50s better. And I fell in love with Dita after last year I visited Berlin for her performance. She thought that I would see a kind of cold la femme fatale, but she turned out to be alive, charming, radiant, gentle and very charismatic.

About burlesque, a hole to the floor and money

Burlesque at the beginning of the last century is very different from what this genre is today?

Yes. Then it looked more like what is called striptease today, and now it is its alternative.

What is the difference? Tell us for dummies

In burlesque, we completely and completely invent our own numbers. We are completely autonomous artists. Full nudity is prohibited in burlesque.

Do you remember your first performance?

It was in the spring of 2012 in some very strange restaurant on Tulskaya. I was wildly worried. Because of which? At least due to the fact that there was a huge hole on the stage, and I was afraid that my heel would fall through it. But everything went well. In the first row sat my same age, who liked everything terribly. And I danced for her.

Do you think the audience understood what they came to? Did you understand that there will be no striptease?

Many people still do not understand this. But we have no right to condemn them for this. We should only show them a good show tenderly and lovingly. And there will always be disappointments. Moscow is a city of 20 million, so you can't please everyone. Someone thinks that I have not undressed enough, someone - that too much.

Was it scary to undress for the first time in front of the audience?

Well no. And then, and now, I am sure that these people who came to the show through the Moscow snow, slush and dullness want one thing - to have a good time. And I have the opportunity to give them a smile, at least for a minute to give them the opportunity to be distracted and think that life is not so bad.

Anya, what was “Moscow burlesque” fifteen years ago? Was it something semi-marginal?

Burlesque is always and everywhere a bit of a subculture with its own stories and legends, and in this sense, Moscow burlesque is not much different from, say, Berlin. There were just very few of us - it seems, five girls of 25-30 years old. And everyone had very little experience. Therefore, no one imagined how it was done, what was happening, or how to do it better. We've been looking for our way through a fairly long process of trial and error.

Looking for a way? Or is it still an opportunity to make money in a genre where competition has been minimal so far?

Nobody made much money then. People in Russia began to receive normal money for this two years ago, and then everything was built on full enthusiasm. Moreover, everyone also paid for their dresses themselves, and they cost very decently.I had a head start in this regard - I sewed everything myself.

Speaking of which, how much does a burlesque dancer's costume cost on average?

I only pay for the materials, so my newest suit cost me around 800 euros. A pair of fans costs between 600 and 20,000 euros. So, on average, it turns out 50,000 rubles and more.

About honesty, friend and obscene offers

2012 is the whole Internet, social networks and cameras on mobile phones. Did your parents know what you do?

My principle is to always be open and honest. Therefore, yes, I did not tell my older relatives about everything right away. But now my aunt is very supportive of me and even buys me lipstick if she thinks that mine doesn't suit me very well. And my mother is a very wise woman, so she was worried about me in the same way as mothers are worried about all children who have a creative profession. She didn't believe that I could feed myself. But - I could. And my mother comes to all my Moscow shows and sits in the forefront. And my brother came to me. But, of course, I was very lucky with my family, and in fact many girls have to hide everything from the closest people.


Your young man

He is also very supportive of me. Moreover, we met him just on my show, so he immediately understood what he was getting himself into. We've been together for three years.

Excuse me for asking, but do you often receive obscene offers from men?

Any beautiful woman receives such offers from men. And I am tall, thin, I have long hair and big eyes. But, you know, here's the thing: before burlesque, that is, when I worked as the most ordinary school teacher, my situation was even worse. Why? I think when I go down from the stage, I - and many people are talking about this - are surrounded by an aura of inaccessibility, because I have just been on this stage. You can't drive up to such a crooked goat! So no, men come up to me after performances, but usually they say some kind of nonsense. And, yes - this is the main surprise of burlesque: at our shows there are always more women in the hall than men. Women are pleased to look at people like them, only a little more daring, uninhibited and free. They are pleased to feel that they can be like that.

Burlesque is not the most popular genre in Moscow. Where can a dancer earn money? At corporate events?

Two years ago, together with my girlfriends, I started doing a Ladies of Burlesque show in Moscow in the classic burlesque style, and once every three months we perform with him in one of the restaurants. We started doing bar parties, which are very common in Berlin. Well, and, of course, corporate parties. I remember, for example, a very strange Gazprom corporate party, at which there were more artists than spectators. It was very strange

Is there a chance for metropolitan burlesque to become mainstream?

Everything goes to this. It seems to me that with our show we launched some kind of trend. There are already four shows in Moscow today!

About the pros, cons and girls

Older journalists like to tell young people that today, going into journalism is the last thing. Well, and from the height of your experience, would you advise a young girl to go to burlesque?

I will not dissuade. But also especially support too. That is, I’ll tell you where to start, but I won’t hand over the "appearance and passwords".

OK. Then just tell me: what are the pros and cons of this profession?

Ohhhh I'll start with the pros: creative self-expression, a large number of beautiful things in the wardrobe, the ability to travel and communicate with interesting people and meet a young man - if, of course, there is such a task. And now the cons. Any creative work, that is, work for yourself, is very exhausting. Your whole life is an endless marathon and constant self-doubt. So let a young girl (or boy!) Weigh the pros and cons.

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