Mushroom Leader: Why The Beauty Industry Is Turning Into A Kingdom Of Mushrooms

Mushroom Leader: Why The Beauty Industry Is Turning Into A Kingdom Of Mushrooms
Mushroom Leader: Why The Beauty Industry Is Turning Into A Kingdom Of Mushrooms

Video: Mushroom Leader: Why The Beauty Industry Is Turning Into A Kingdom Of Mushrooms

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Walking through the woods and copses in boots and with a basket has become a new craze - such is the popular response to the ban on hanging out at parties and hangover bachelorette parties at the spa. And, you know, not only city dwellers, tired of covid restrictions, believed in the good power of mushrooms to make our lives better - the beauty and health industry seems to have made a huge stake on them.

Last year, without any special exaggeration, can be called stellar for adaptogens - substances that help the body adapt to various kinds of stress, stress and go through a difficult period with minimal losses to health. Most often, adaptogens are our friends from the plant world, but there are also variants of animal origin: for example, royal jelly. Or mineral - hello, mummy! Actually, adaptogens have been known to mankind for more than a millennium - the healing properties of many berries, roots and vershoks have been described by ancient Chinese doctors, Avicenna, and modern science. It has long been adopted by both evidence-based medicine and traditional healers. The last decade has given them a magical boost thanks to the global trend for everything natural and healthy, and 2020 was generous with the conditions in which almost the entire planet had to face triple stress and tension. So: among the great variety of adaptogens - from ginger with ginseng to lingonberries with garlic - mushrooms take pride of place.

In fact, mushroom fever did not rush to conquer the world yesterday. The fact that all sorts of friends of the usual champignons and russula are our new best friends, we began to guess about five years ago, when acquaintances advanced towards healthy lifestyles en masse replaced morning coffee with mysterious chaga tea, and Gwyneth Paltrow believed in the superpower of Reishi.

It is not surprising that the mycelium sprouted quite quickly in the beauty industry: it seems that it will not be so easy to find a cream without mushroom ingredients in the composition soon. And that's good news.

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that mushrooms have been used as a cosmetic component for a long time, this cannot be called an innovation - let us recall at least the very successful and no less popular mushroom line Mega Mushroom by Origins, which they have been producing for more than 15 years together with the legendary doctor, one of the pioneers integrative medicine by Andrew Weil. And the Menard brand, which, perhaps, is a little less popular among today's Russian consumer, set up mushroom cosmetic experiments at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. And the trend is rapidly gaining strength before our eyes: over the past one and a half to two years, almost all brands that rely on quality care and natural ingredients have been encouraged to believe in the mission of mushrooms.

To understand where the legs of this fierce popularity grow from, it is worth returning to the topic of adaptogens. It is for its adaptogenic properties that some mushrooms are especially fond of in the beauty industry, and the star cosmetologist and founder of the Dr. Dennis Gross Dennis Gross calls them "superfoods on steroids."

The ability to increase the resistance of cells not only to external, but also to internal unfavorable factors is attributed to meitake - its other name for curly griffin or dancing mushroom - as well as the already mentioned reishi and chage, which is often called a birch mushroom. The latter, in addition, is considered an excellent anti-inflammatory component, and, together with cordyceps, it is even credited with anti-cancer properties. In general, many merits are attributed to fungi as adaptogens in cosmetics: strengthening local immunity, improving cell metabolism, enhancing the protective properties of the skin and slowing down the aging process.

However, it is not adaptogens alone that pleases the mushroom kingdom of beauty adepts around the world.Mushrooms are full of essential trace elements for health. They contain more than a dozen minerals, essential acids that have a beneficial effect on metabolism, and vitamins: A, groups B, E and even D, for which we have been chasing with a vengeance in recent years. Mushrooms are also rich in polysaccharides, which allow them to absorb and retain a large amount of moisture. For this, chemists introduce mushroom components into cosmetic formulas as an analogue of hyaluronic acid. Finally, the veteran superfood movement Kombucha, or kombucha, which is technically a symbiosis of yeast and bacteria, is prized for its ability to balance skin pH towards a healthy one. And have a positive effect on the microbiome - both intestinal (when we drink it) and skin (when it acts as a beauty ingredient).

Given the impressive list of benefits and health benefits of mushrooms, there is no doubt that they are well established in the beauty and wellness industry. In the coming years, we will eat them, drink them, smear them on ourselves and even scent them with their recognizable aromas. And the trend for microdosing suggests that the "magic" mushrooms, quite possibly, may soon come out of the shadows on our bright heads. But this is already a topic for a separate conversation. Follow the broadcast.

Photo: Anselmus Boëtius de Boodt, 1596-1610 / Rijksmuseum

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