Buzova Without Filters Looks Much Older

Buzova Without Filters Looks Much Older
Buzova Without Filters Looks Much Older

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An honest photo of the TV presenter on the network was published by her former ward from the reality show. The fans guessed that in life the star does not look the same as on Instagram, but did not expect that the difference would be so noticeable.

Olga Buzova, going on the air on Instagram or publishing photos in the feed, uses filters or uses the services of assistants who process the images. Due to this, the celebrity looks a little younger on social networks than his passport age.

Frivolity in the appearance of the star is added by things and accessories that are usually worn by teenagers. She diligently maintains the created image.

Sometimes netizens make fun of the filters that Buzova uses. They retouch the face so strongly that they erase not only wrinkles, but also the nose. Sometimes he is simply not in the frame.

Netizens, comparing Olga's photos in her profile and in pictures taken by friends of the TV presenter or photographers at social events, note that she looks older in life. In their opinion, outwardly Buzova fully corresponds to her passport age.

The last such shot, taken by another person, surprised many. On it, the celebrity was captured on the set of the show "Borodin against Buzova". According to the girl who posted the picture on the network, the photo was not very successful. She asked a friend to reshoot them so that the presenters in the frame looked beautiful, but Olga was in a hurry and refused.

The former ward of the artist still decided to share a memorable photo with subscribers.

Netizens immediately began to note that Buzova should not have been refused. The photo turned out to be true. It shows that celebrities are far from 16 years old. Olga gives the impression of an adult and very tired 40-year-old lady.

Dedicated fans speculate that the external changes were a consequence of the stress of breaking up with David Manukyan. They hope that the singer will come to her senses and look better again.

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